By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 30, 2020 at 8:26 AM

I found myself in quite a pickle yesterday – arguably the pickle-iest pickle that ever existed. 

You see, yesterday, for one of our FoodCrush Live taste tests, we decided to take a bite out of Steny's very special pizza of the month offering: a dill pickle pizza, a pie with a pickle brine base topped with bacon, mozzarella, dill-filled cream cheese, a little extra dill just to be sure, and, in case that wasn't enough dill pickle flavor, actual slices of dill pickle. Even before taking a bite, just the smell of this pizza was profoundly pickle-ish.

There was just one problem: I hate pickles. Fully dislike them. Launch them into the sun levels of hatred. 

That being said, I can't imagine a better culinary olive branch than a pizza. So would Steny's dill pickle pizza manage to overcome my grudge against gherkins? Or would pickles do the unthinkable and ruin pizza for me forever? Let's take a bite alongside OnMilwaukee culinary editor, FoodCrush co-host and pickle proponent Lori Fredrich!

Consider me a changed (and shocked) man – because the dill pickle pizza from Steny's may have just converted me into a pickle patron.

As a pickle hater, I have to admit this dish is kind of genius. What better way to make pickles as palatable as possible than in pizza form – and a pizza topped with bacon on that? Basically, what you have here is a pepperoni pizza but with a brighter, more herbaceous, satisffyingly salty kick.

The bacon brings its signature meaty, fatty deliciousness, but the dill and pickle brine base really lightens up the pizza's flavor without overwhelming the rest of the dish. Of course, you also have the creamy dollops of dill cream cheese, which further underscore the pizza's herbal notes while adding a creamy component that sets this pie apart. Even the pickles, for this hater, were tasty, baked on top of the pizza in thin slices so that they were tenderly crispy and all snappy, salty flavor. 

Our verdict: No matter if you love or hate pickles, this pizza dill-livers. 

Don't just take our word for it, though; try it for yourself! The dill pickle pizza comes in 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, and can ordered for dine-in or carryout orders at Steny's, 800 S. 2nd St. There's no time to waste, though, as this pizza will be plucked off the menu and replaced with a new pizza of the month by the end of Wednesday. So order yourself a pie and give it a try. Your palate might just be tickled by this unique pickle combination.

And stay tuned for more FoodCrush Live taste tests!

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