By Seth McClung Special to Published Oct 05, 2011 at 9:29 AM

Not a good day for the Brew Crew. With only two hits all day made for a long night. The lopsided loss is not the end of the world for the Brewers, however it does give the Snakes some life at home now down 2-1.

The Bad

The game got out of hand when Marcum gave up the grand slam to Goldschmidt. I don't think Marcum had a great game up to this point but it wasn't terrible. This being the playoffs I might had gone to my pen when the first two hitters got on base in the 5th. Then again, it is easy to manage from my couch.

Marcum was affected by two things a VERY tight strike zone (a zone that would open up later in the game). Shaun also shook off a lot of catcher Jonathan Lucroy's suggestions. Now, this may not seem like a big thing but it completely messes with the flow for the pitcher.

This also manifested its self in the 5th when Goldschmidt hit the grand slam. After getting crossed up early in the at bat Lucroy and Marcum met at the mound to discuss the next pitch. When Lucroy returned to behind the plate he began to put down signs. This is something that doesn't happen. After the meeting there are no signs. You know (the pitcher) he knows (the catcher) what's coming no need to say it again. The fact the Jonathan put those fingers down again messed with Marcum. Lucroy in his second full season behind the plate will learn a hard lesson tonight. Get on the same page as your pitcher and no need to put signs down after you all ready know what is coming.

The Good

The Brewers didn't kill there pen as I stated yesterday, I felt that Marcum needed to go at least six innings. He didn't but since the game was out of hand Roenicke played his role players out of the pen and they did well and did not labor. This keeps the Brewers in good shape for game four. When Narvason came in I thought he would finish the game but he was so good I think the coaching staff decided to pull him and save him for the rest of the series. It was also good to see Corey Hart hitting a home run. Look out if he gets going along with Prince and Braun.

The Concerning

The Brew Bashers only amassed two hits. lets hope that this is a fluke. Hitting is contagious but so is not hitting.


Look forward to two crafty lefties tonight but in the end Game 4 will come down to hitting. Let's just hope it is the players in the dark jerseys who are doing the hitting.

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