By Pamela Kieck Fashion Columnist Published Dec 14, 2018 at 2:01 PM

Home decor is always a great gift idea. Plus it’s almost impossible to get the wrong size (unless it’s like a couch or something). Who doesn’t want to make their home more chic and luxe? That's why home decor is always a win.

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1. Coffee table book

This will look chic on any coffee table.

2. Nest

This high tech thermostat will help your loved one stay warm during our Wisconsin winters AND save money all year long.

3. Decorative accents

This rose quartz stand is gorgeous, glamorous and also supposed to attract love!

4. Glam kitchen utensils

Display these beauties on the counter. These are way too glam to keep in that junk drawer of kitchen utensils we all have.

5. Tray

These have so many uses: on the coffee table for remotes and coasters – or maybe on the dresser for perfumes. Or whatever you need.

6. Fuzzy blanket

For those cozy nights in.

7. Cheese board

Up your friends and family's hostessing game with this marble and copper cheese board.

8. Wine preserver

Sometimes you just want that one glass of wine, but you don't want to open a new bottle. This lets you have a single glass without ever popping the cork.

9. Fun decor

Fun accent pieces are always great conversation starters. Plus, they add a bit of charm to any room.

10. Champs saber

OK, I know this is a little out there – but I mean, come on, hasn't EVERYONE wanted to try to saber a champagne bottle at one point!?

Pamela Kieck Fashion Columnist
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