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Shopping habits are changing, and as Milwaukee's retail landscape continues to evolve is pulling out the credit card for a full week of retail, shopping and commerce content. Stories about local stores, national retailers, online shopping and more. "Retail Week" will highlight shopping through a creative and diverse lens.

To help kick off retail week here at OnMilwaukee, I did some thinking about how I shop. The why I shop is usually fairly easy, but the how has changed quite a bit over the past 10 years and I’m sure, like many things, it will continue to evolve.

I like shopping, and I appreciate good stuff, great service and cool design. Yet, like most, I also love a good deal.

So, indulge me if you will, here are eight random observations about how I shop today. Did I miss any? Chime in using the Talkbacks or Facebook. Happy shopping, Milwaukee.

I price check nearly every purchase over $50, and wait for great online deals
Mobile and countless apps make this easy, and why wouldn’t you at least do a quick search before you buy something? Sure, I buy out of convenience but I shop around and price check as much as I can, especially for stuff over $50. I also wait for Woot! and other great deals emails and sites as many of them provide really good things at rock bottom prices.

Target is vital
I love Target. We probably go at least once per month, maybe more. The experience is always good, consistent and even fun. I haven’t quite embraced the grocery shopping there but things like cereal, granola bars and the like are pretty easy to grab and save a bit. Otherwise, if you’re like me it’s hard to get out of a bricks and mortar Target without spending $100.

Amazon is king

Amazon is usually the first place I go. I love Amazon Prime, so I buy a ton of stuff on Amazon. It’s easy. I like "Subscribe and Save" for things like dental floss and paper towel and generally Amazon pretty much has everything. Prices are generally competitive but it never hurts to shop around. Yet, convenience usually trumps everything for me with shopping and Amazon is always easy.

And, I love MyHabit
Amazon’s MyHabit is great.  Big time price reductions on great clothing brands.  I regularly find cool shirts at wonderful prices.  Sign up.  

I buy nearly all of my clothes online
Speaking of MyHabit, I buy a ton of clothes and shoes online.  Who would have thought this just 10-12 years ago? Since Aala Reed closed, I have taken most of my clothes shopping online.  I know what I like, and it’s just easier.  My wife, thankfully, loves vintage stuff so she covers the sites I don’t shop and finds cool, unique things.  

Design matters
Inside a store, outside a store or on a website, design, flow and structure matter.  This is so true in our shopping world today.  If your store doesn’t feel welcoming, I’m probably not buying.  This is super important for grocers.  Same with your website.  Design matters.  I do my best to embrace and support good design.  

Local’s important
My wife helped start the fashion district in the Third Ward, so I know – first-hand – the power of shopping local.  I love places like (shoo), sachen, Boswell Books, MilwaukeeHome and others and do what I can to support the local retailer.

Friends and referrals truly matter
Finally, in today’s social world sharing matters and I must say that I’m influenced or at least intrigued by what my friends share on their various networks.  We’re all influencers and I like finding cool things to buy via Twitter and Facebook.

Jeff Sherman Staff Writer

A life-long and passionate community leader and Milwaukeean, Jeff Sherman is a co-founder of OnMilwaukee.

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