By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 07, 2016 at 3:15 PM

Master Z's, a locally-owned dart and pool supply store in Waukesha, announced today that purchased Danny Vegh's in Glendale, and that it will move into its 4,500 square foot location at Bayshore Town Center. 

The new Master Z's will be located at 540 W. Silver Spring Dr., #130, where Danny Vegh's was located for four years.

"Master Z’s has been serving the North Shore community for years, and now they have a more convenient location to shop at," said Master Z's general manager Rob Kahler in a statement. "You will find the same higher quality products, as well as new line up product at our Bayshore location. Our selection is matchless, and we love selling and servicing the finer things in life that our customers require."

According to Master Z's president Jim Lindenberg, bobbleheads, canvases and other sports memorabilia from Legends of the Field (a sports memorabilia store that Lindenberg also owns) will be added to both the new Bayshore Master Z's location as well as the store's original location in Waukesha.