By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 12, 2017 at 8:36 AM

It's lights, camera, action for the Milwaukee Film Festival, returning for its ninth year and once again delivering the best show on the big screen – or shows, thanks to the almost 300 selections big and small, from Hollywood to West Allis, slated to hit the screen for the 2017 edition. 

To help you pick the best flicks, OnMilwaukee's film fanatic Matt Mueller will throw out a few of his daily recommendations, scattered across the Oriental Theater and Downer Theater on the East Side, the Fox Bay Cinema Grill in Whitefish Bay, The Times Cinema on Vliet Street and the Avalon Theater in Bay View. So read up – and get ready for 15 finest days of film Milwaukee has to offer.

Day 15

How ... how is the Milwaukee Film Festival ending already? We were all JUST at the Oriental watching "Stumped"? Time is lies. 

Well, what better way to end the festival than with a movie pick that exemplifies just one of the lovely roles Milwaukee Film plays for film fans in the city: "Landline" (Oriental, 7 p.m.). I was thrilled when I heard about Gillian Robespierre's follow-up to the terrific "Obvious Child," and that only increased when I saw trailers for the movie – about two sisters (including Jenny Slate) in the '90s who put aside their differences when they discover their father (John Tuturro) is cheating on their mother (Edie Falco) – at theaters around town. And then ... it never came.

But thankfully, Milwaukee Film is bringing us a movie that otherwise would've skipped over our city and its cinephiles over. One final hat tip to you, Milwaukee Film, for a great final pick – and a great fifteen days of festival.

The Milwaukee Film Festival runs Sept. 28 through Oct. 12. For more picks, read his 10 must-sees here. For places to eat before and after, read Lori's film fest food guide, too!

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