By Carole Caine Special to Published May 14, 2017 at 10:06 AM

On the heels of the new Kraft Mac & Cheese ad starring swearing expert Melissa Mohr, I feel the need to admit that I swear like a Merchant Marine.

Mohr is the author of the book, "Holy Sh*t: A Brief History in Swearing," and is the inspiration for the Mother’s Day commercial for Kraft Mac & Cheese. The ad is hilarious and features Mohr providing alternatives to the mainstream curse words we all know.

In recent research, Kraft discovered that 75 percent of moms admit to dropping the F-bomb in front of their kids, but I believe that if all moms were being honest, that number would be far higher. 

It’s not something that I am proud of; it’s just that I know that I have been responsible for some of the choice comments that came out of my daughter’s mouth when she was at the tender age of 2. Now, Lizzy is much older and capably manages her own vocabulary, but I will admit I am the one that gave her a head start.

Picture this: It’s Christmas and my daughter is standing on the couch looking out the front picture window at the Christmas lights illuminating the neighborhood. "Ah, G*d damn it! They’re bootiful." Sure, she got the swear words out but can’t pronounce beautiful correctly. A proud moment to say the least – and that’s just round one.

Next, picture my then angelic 2-year-old having toy trouble one day and out comes this gem: "Some b*tch … this is broken!" I was torn on that one. She’s using the vulgarity she learned from me. Bad – but at least the context was correct.

I mean, it’s the simple things in parenthood that make you smile. 

I have to own all of this because, as my husband said, "She didn’t learn that from me!" So  Happy Mother’s Day, you sons of motherless goats!

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