By Carolynn Buser Chief Content Officer Published Jan 03, 2014 at 4:17 PM

I’m not a huge believer in resolutions. I do make goals throughout the year, benchmark myself and continually monitor and revise. But, a New Year's resolution, well, let’s be realistic.

Anyone can go into any gym today, and then again in three months.  But, sadly we know that most do not follow through on their new found resolutions.

So, I'm taking the easy route. My resolution for 2014?  Watch Netflix.

Obviously, I know in general how to use it and watch it but I never have. This is the year I will, and these are the first five shows on my list.

Got any more suggestions to help waste away my winter? Just chime in below with them. Happy New Year!

 "Breaking Bad"

I can hear you yelling at me already.  How could I have waited so long to watch this show? What in the world was I thinking? Eh. I guess I was thinking I’d wait till winter, bed down and watch it. So that is what I will do. Who cares if I am five years late on starting it!

 "House of Cards"

I was told to watch the BBC version first and then watch the Netflix produced ones.  Spring will be here before we know it, so straight to the Netflix version I go. Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll and Robin Wright can suck me right in and make me order another pizza I am sure.  Second season begins Feb. 14, so I had better get started. 

 "Orange Is the New Black"

Another Netflix original series. I’ve been told the storyline is similar to "Weeds," which I really liked, and that the characters are great and original. I have no doubt I will enjoy this series just as much. And since I’m getting started on this series not five or six seasons behind, I might just have a hope of catching up!

 "Friday Night Lights"

I’m going way way back here since "Friday Night Lights" started in 2006, and I’ve never watched an episode. However, my boss Jeff has never stopped telling me what a fantastic show it is and how much I would love it. I trust his judgement. So, this winter I will get to know Coach Eric Taylor and Dillon, Texas extremely well.


Don’t judge me. I need something with intrigue and mystery, and "Scandal" may just be the answer. A guilty pleasure for this winter will be welcomed. Supposedly this plot thickens, turns, tilts and even has a forbidden love. Columbus Short, well, he definitely isn’t hard to look at, and if nothing else, that will keep me watching. I hope it is as scandalous as I’ve heard it is.


Carolynn Buser Chief Content Officer

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