By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 05, 2006 at 5:28 AM
Welcome to the first installment of "OMC Recommends," a periodic look at cool things that we like and think you should know about.

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"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" -- It's only run a few episodes so far, but the show's pretty great. Aaron Sorkin's sparkling writing is witty, clever and funny, and Matthew Perry comes off a surlier, darker version of Chandler -- minus those lame friends of his on "Friends." But more important, "Studio 60" is "Sports Night" reborn. The pacing, cinematography and damn near identical plot lines are as close as we're gonna get to a return of TV's greatest drama. Amanda Peet overdoes it a bit, and that will need to change if the show is to become a hit. On the other hand, it's probably too sophisticated for mainstream viewers. Like some other great, intellectual and now cancelled shows ("Arrested Development," "Carnivale" and "The Comeback" come to mind), it may be too good to last. -- Andy Tarnoff

Canal Street -- With the M-Change upheaval and what seems like 93 percent of other Milwaukee byways ripped up at any given time, when I need to get west quick, I take this street that once was traversed only by crickets and cattle trucks. Now, I can get from the 6th Street viaduct to Miller Park in no time at all. But beware, the speed limit is 30 and the radar guns have been de-holstered lately. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Lucero’s latest album "Rebels, Rogues and & Sworn Brothers" -- The Memphis band, which opened its latest tour last week at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, unleashes a new album that mines the blues / alt. country vein with a tip of the cap toward Springsteen, the Drive-By Truckers and other cool bands. -- Drew Olson

Candy corn: I love the way it looks -- especially the darling white point -- and tastes, even though wax is sometimes one of the ingredients, along with sugar, corn syrup and honey. (I don't even mind that I can actually hear my tooth enamel weeping while I'm eating it.) I also really like "Indian candy corn" that’s available during Thanksgiving and has a chocolate brown bottom instead of the usual yellow one. However, for those of you keeping score at home, "reindeer corn" -- a red, white and green variant sold at Christmas time -- totally freaks me out. -- Molly Snyder Edler

Entertainment Weekly's "TV Watch" -- Don't have anyone to talk to about what was on TV last night? Turn to Entertainment Weekly's online blog/commentary. The writers always get to the meat of the plot of the shows being reviewed. Plus if you have an opinion, leave a comment. -- Heather Leszczewicz

Crocs: Yeah, they're ugly and tragically passé at this point, but I still like Crocs. They are the lightest, most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. -- M.E.

"When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts" -- Spike Lee’s documentary, which is airing on HBO, is a provocative and at times disturbing look at the devastation and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and the inept response of government at the city, state and federal levels. Lee interviewed around 100 people and from a wide array of backgrounds to tell the story. The result is one of the more important films of the year. -- D.O.

Bull's Eye Records -- Luke Lavin and Ken Chrisien are among the most knowledgeable music geeks in town -- and best of all, they're not even really geeks. The store's inventory is top-notch and constantly changing. Prices are good, too. Don't forget to look for them on Irving Place behind Comet. -- B.T.

Going to a movie by yourself -- OK, so this is something many people don't attempt to do, but going to the theater by yourself is two hours of "me" time that will be worth it. -- H.L. - Yes, it's completely ridiculous, and it's probably meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but the Web site is so chock-full of cute animals doing the darndest things -- well, it's cute overload.  Dudes, make sure none of your coworkers are looking over your shoulder when you visit this very unmanly site.  But if you're confident enough to coo over puppies and kitties, just try to stay in a bad mood after one visit to this silly Web site. -- A.T.

Cape Cod Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper potato chips -- Cape Cod’s chips are always crisp and good, but these couple the crunch with a great peppery aftertaste. Tremendous with beer and tasty enough that you don't need to dunk them in dip. Use the savings on more beer, because these go great with a cold one. -- D.O.

The heart of old Bay View -- For me, Bay View will always be that small tract of land, east of the Lake Parkway -- which once was the railroad right of way that helped define which side of Bay View you grew up on. Centered on Russell and Wentworth, it is Groppi's, Club Garibaldi, At Random, both DeMarinis pizzas, Three Brothers, the Pryor Street Well, the site of the old rolling mill, the Cactus Club and, now, Palomino. I'm a fan of Bay View overall, but this compact neighborhood is the heart of "my" Bay View. -- B.T.

"Ladylike" by Storm Large -- If you watched this summer's "Rock Star: Supernova" on CBS, you were privy to this wonderful song. It's not the typical rock or pop song, it's more haunting with jazzy undertones. The lyrics are empowering and a bit explicit. However, iTunes has two versions of the song, explicit and clean, both worth a listen. -- H.L.

Art Bar’s ginger mojitos -- Although I'm not a big fan of gingerbread, ginger ale or Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, Art Bar’s ginger mojitos totally float my boat. With fresh ginger, mint and spiced rum, these strong, spicy cocktails sport both kick and class. -- M.E.