By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 21, 2019 at 4:26 PM

I'll be honest with you: I've got no juice for the start of football yet.

Sure, when the season starts, I'll be there parked in a comfy chair wasting away my Sundays cheering on the Pack and shaking my fist at the fantasy football gods. However, it's still summer – and football is a fall sport. Right now, they're just meaningless games played by third-stringers when there's important Brewers baseball to watch (at least for the time being). I'd rather spent time looking ahead to the Bucks season than spending ten minutes analyzing and pondering what a facial twitch on a second-down incomplete screen pass means about Aaron Rodgers' working relationship with new head coach Matt LaFleur. 

If only, I don't know, there was some kind of wild and kooky fashion choice that could spark something resembling interest in tomorrow's preseason game in Winnipeg against the Oakland Raiders ... 

Jeans-us Christ!

For those distracted by the layers of denim, that's Aaron Rodgers underneath that exceptional mustache – a Rodgers preseason tradition – and Canadian tuxedo, landing in Winnipeg sporting the local uniform. The only way this could be more Canadian is if he had a Maple Leafs jersey on over the Canadian tuxedo, a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and strong feelings about the correct pronunciation of "poutine."

Anyways, enjoy the extent of OnMilwaukee's Packers preseason coverage. The game – which Rodgers may or may not even play in – is Thursday night at 7 p.m. I probably won't watch – unless Rodgers takes a snap in this uniform. Can't lose when you bust out the bolo tie! And if they do, well ... 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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