By Frankie Fairmane Special to Published May 02, 2014 at 3:14 PM

Host Frankie Fairmane leads off-the-cuff interviews with Milwaukee comedians as they cram as much funny and self-promotion into 10 minutes as humanly possible. Like a stand-up set, there's a "one-minute warning" for the comedians to wrap-up the conversation. Hold onto your butts, because none of this will be educational, but boy, will you laugh!

On this episode of "Stage-Time," I interview comedians Nick Firer, Patrick Schmitz and Johnny Beehner.

Nick Firer is the creator of "The Variety Hour Happy Hour" live comedy show in The Underground Collaborative located in the basement of the Grand Avenue Mall. Check out more details about "The Variety Hour Happy Hour" show on

Comedic writer, Patrick Schmitz, is the creator of "Sketch 22," a guerrilla-theater sketch comedy show written, rehearsed and performed at ComedySportz within 22 hours. He's also in the process of writing a Romeo & Juliet parody, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open for those details as they develop.

Johnny Beehner is a Milwaukee stand-up comic who performs shows around the country as well as is a featured guest on the Bob & Tom Show. Check out Johnny's material and tour schedule on his web site.

Frankie Fairmane Special to

Frankie Fairmane is a Milwaukee entertainment personality. She began her comedy career in 2006 as a talk-radio host at Marquette University and continues her career as a podcast host for

She's appeared on Milwaukee stages as a stand-up comic, improviser and sketch comedy actor as well as an on-screen actor in various Milwaukee film projects.