By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 18, 2019 at 7:16 PM Photography: Lori Fredrich

We love pizza. And we love Cheez-Its. But do we love the two when they're combined?

Because this is 2019 and fast food companies are now madcap lunatics, this is a question that actually has an answer. Starting on Tuesday of this week, Pizza Hut rolled out a brand new offering: stuffed Cheez-It pizza.

But what exactly IS a stuffed Cheez-It pizza?

First of all – as Pizza Hut employees will make very clear to you when you order these cheesy creations – they are NOT actually pizza. But they are Hot Pocket-esque appetizers shaped and colored just like a Cheez-It (complete with the little dimple in the middle). And while the advertising makes them look around the size of a calzone, they're each really just about the size of your palm. Considering the amount of salt involved, however, that's probably for the best. 

Inside each of the little Cheez-It-flavored packages is melty cheese (or melted cheese and pepperoni if you order that set) with a small tub of tomato sauce to dunk your junk food dumpling. So really, it's more like a mozzarella stick or a toasted ravioli than a pizza. 

But nobody's getting a stuffed Cheez-It pizza pocket for aesthetics and culinary particulars. They want to know how it tastes. So, OnMilwaukee's resident food expert Lori Fredrich and myself, OnMilwaukee's resident Cheez-It expert, sat down with two orders of the viral bites (one plain and one pepperoni) to see if these salty pizza treats are a tasty new snack attack ... or merely an attack. 

Let's dig in and find out!

And seriously, Pizza Hut: Call me about that Cheez-It dust-covered pizza crust idea.

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