By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 01, 2021 at 4:01 PM Photography: SafeHouse Facebook

’Tis Dining Month, the tastiest time of year! This means we’re dishing up fun and fascinating food content throughout October. Dig in, Milwaukee!

James Bond isn't the only undercover icon with quite a big week coming up as SafeHouse Milwaukee will ring in its 55th anniversary with – what else? –  more secrets and spy games. 

While its birthday officially lands on Oct. 8, the sneaky Downtown restaurant and hideout will celebrate throughout the week with secretive specials, unique drinks that'll you leave you shaken and stirred, and meals and missions that you should certainly choose to accept.

The spy games will begin on Sunday, Oct. 3 as agents who discreetly pass along the secret codeword to the SafeHouse operative serving their table will receive a complimentary (with any purchase) "Aston Martin" – the tasty brunch drink, not the actual car.

That codeword can be used throughout the week to score additional intel, including complimentary Long Island iced teas on Monday, the "Great Spytini" on Tuesday, a voucher for a free fountain beverage at any Marcus Theatre when seeing "No Time to Die" (valid through Oct. 21) on Wednesday and complimentary cheese curds on Thursday. The final missions will take place on Friday and Saturday, with the secret codeword nabbing spies complimentary SafeHouse gear that would make Q jealous.

Of course, before you take on any of those missions – or check out all of the nifty spy gadgets and games inside – agents have to complete the first and ultimate assignment: getting in to the high-security SafeHouse. As always, to earn access, spies must either provide the entry password or complete a clearance test to prove one is not a double agent – but now the alleyway comes with new interactive murals to help identify SafeHouse's location and provide a backdrop for photographic documentation of your evening's mission.

To hunt for clues to the codewords, additional intel and more, visit SafeHouse's Facebok page or website. Good luck, hungry and thirsty operatives. 

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