By Katarina Rankovich Special to Published Sep 19, 2011 at 4:03 PM

Late night TV can lead to interesting choices. There are options: old reruns, B-movies and those sweet, sweet infomercials. I flipped to "Cheers." I wondered, does the set of "Cheers" have a TV in a bar?

I tried to imagine how the cast of "Cheers" would react to Skinimax (that's Cinemax after hours), if it showed up on the screen. Would the customers notice first? Or would the bartender notice everyone's head at the bar turned like a pug?

I imagined this because on occasion Skinimax pops up behind the bar at which I tend, and I am too busy to notice it behind me. That damn late night twist where a movie channel refuses to have fully dressed people on after 11 p.m. Usually, something like James Bond movies ends, I am making an old fashioned and someone motions to the screen. That moment I run to the remote and switch; the majority of the bar and I do not want to see that. (Heads up, creepers).

Leading into my next thought: TVs in bars. What the hell is being watched? I understand sports events but what goes on after the Brewers game? I have seen old men, all watching figure skating just to make fun of it. Some people get so entranced into a movie; they stop talking to one another and drink until it is over, even if it sucks. Take for instance, the terrible big budget movie: everyone is watching but it is mainly heckling at something like Vin Diesel's awesome neck tattoo repeating one of Arnold's famous lines, "It is NOT a tumor!"

But even I cannot escape it at times; it's really hard to focus when there is something like David Bowie's concert footage from 1984 is on (those damned tights, Bowie). Or a classic Cash Cab afternoon, beer sippin' trivia. Bored bartender and customer answer questions, talk trash at the contestants and always say go for double or nothing.

There are some irritating TV moments, too. Like people who bring their kid to a bar and complain about an R-rated movie being on. Seriously, that person at the table next to you just dropped the F bomb like seven times. The people who argue which sports game should go on the screen in front of them. It is like the adult version of holding on to the remote, so you sibling wouldn't change the channel.

Some places don't have TVs, probably for a good reason. However, if you frequent taverns in Milwaukee, you will inevitably come across the phenomenon of this television/tavern combo. If you don't want to watch it, don't look at the screen. If you do want to watch it, I hope you get lucky enough to watch old '80s wrestling videos at brunch.