By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 14, 2022 at 10:31 AM

We're still in the middle of our traditional 10 days of mourning after a Packers loss – so to help brighten up your Wednesday and get you over the hump, here's a delightful bonus internet video.

The video comes courtesy of social media creator George Japan (who some folks might recognize as a contributor to Food Insider's popular Food Wars series), who apparently decided to tour around southern Wisconsin ... and some of Illinois too. Good for him and us: He loved it, explaining in this quick 47-second clip why Wisconsin is underrated. Or at least in summer. 

Here, enjoy:

I'm trying to decide which part is my favorite: the host realizing the beloved Wisconsin apple orchard is actually in Illinois or his accurate analysis of the Walworth County Fair derby, which is that nobody knows who won. I say both. Also: While he may love Culver's, he's about to hate his comments and replies, which are all about to be Wisconsinites debating if Culver's is THAT good and which burgers and curds are infinitely better. His next video is going to be about how much he loves the Twitter mute feature. 

Anyways, enjoy this brief little nicecore tour of Wisconsin (*mutters* and Illinois) in summer and ride that happiness through to Thursday and the weekend.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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