By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 27, 2022 at 1:46 PM

You may have to keep quiet inside in the building, but outside people can't stay hushed about the Milwaukee Public Library and its excellent TikTok account. And now that includes one of the most watched morning shows in America, as NBC's "Today" came to Milwaukee to profile the people behind the posts. 

Aired Tuesday morning, correspondent Jacob Soboroff's segment chats with some of the Milwaukeeans creating their viral work – all while working other jobs with the Public Library – and passes along some of the kind comments they've received in the process. And while the creative clips may seem silly and frivolous, the "Today" segment also points out how important these TikToks are for the library after the past several years, helping drive new generations back to these great buildings and back to their great books amidst funding cuts and the pandemic's peak. 

Watch the whole segment right here:

"Today" is far from the only outlet beyond that won't SHH! about our city's libraries and their terrific TikToks. The Wall Street Journal, Literary HubThe Daily Mail and – perhaps most prestigious of all – Reese Witherspoon have all heaped praise and follows upon the MPL's account and its inventively entertaining videos, ranging from wild Stephen King tributes to "Devil Wears Prada" lip-dubs to "Wednesday"-inspired dance routines and much more. 

To view more of the Milwaukee Public Library's inventive TikTok for yourself, click here. And once you're done checking out the Milwaukee Public Library's posts, be sure to check out some books, movies, music, work spaces and more from these excellent establishments as well. For more information on how to make the most of our local libraries, visit the MPL's website

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