By Pamela Kieck Fashion Columnist Published Jan 23, 2018 at 6:16 PM

Welcome to "Wedding Week" on OnMilwaukee! Whether your wedding is right around the corner, or down the road, The Corners has just what you need to make your day extra special!

As a single gal, I can’t imagine how stressful planning a wedding can be. What dress do you get? Are the floral arrangements in-season? What song are you going to pick for your first dance? Are any of your crazy relatives going to get drunk and try to give a speech? Will a jealous single friend start crying and make it all about her before the ceremony? You know, the normal things.

I’m just kidding, obviously. It’s not all stressful! It’s an amazing time in your life, and I have to say that someday, when I get married, the one thing I’m truly looking forward to is registering for presents.

Who wouldn’t love to practically go shopping for things you want but don’t actually have to buy?! But let’s be real; you don’t want to register at the same places everyone else does. You are unique! You and you’re fiancé are trendsetters and want to be out of the box! So I decided to track down some awesome unique places where you can have a wedding registry – and get exactly what you want.


Anthropologie has some of the cutest home collections that give off a vintage vibe. Find everything from amazing barware for hosting to super soft luxe bedding. This is a great place to register for some basics that are anything but! Everything you get here will have some great personality to it.

Sur La Table

Get all of your kitchen needs taken care of by registering at Sur La Table. This place has everything you need – and some things you never knew you needed, from awesome cookware to cutlery, small appliances and even outdoor dining options.

Williams-Sonoma Wine Registry

Did you know that, at Williams-Sonoma, you can have a wine registry? Sign me up! You can register for specific individual bottles for your collection OR even register for curated collections of wine for the honeymoon or date night.

Here, you can register for items like an excursion on your honeymoon, a fund for a down payment on a house or even put aside money for you future kids' college fund. This is perfect for the couple who has everything they already need for a home and want to register for experiences or the future.

West Elm

West Elm is great to register for decor, home basics and even furniture. This place will have everything you’ll need to decorate your home and will mesh with both you and your fiancé's style since they have something for everyone.


Want to register for items at a store but they don’t have a registry? Set up your gift registry through Zola. This website allows you to create a registry from any site you want, even Amazon! And speaking of which ... 


You can do pretty much anything these days thanks to Amazon – even shop in a brick-and-mortar store. – so why not set up your wedding registry there? It's not like the website is known for having everything at your fingertips, so anything on your wishlist can be easy to find.

Pamela Kieck Fashion Columnist
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