By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 08, 2015 at 6:28 PM
  1. Art: Suicide Girls re-appropriate art from Richard Prince, who appropriated art from the Suicide Girls (and you can buy it for 1/1000th the price). [Photo District News]
  2. Emoji: There is a Twitter account dedicated to defending the existence of the Airplane Seat emoji. 💺 [Twitter]
  3. Geeks: Masochist unleashes nightmare upon all of us by inserting Jar Jar Binks into the new "Star Wars" trailer, "The Binks Awakens" [YouTube]
  4. Etymology: Taking the "il" out of Milwaukee. The truth behind the M'waukee accent [ (2004)]
  5. Memorial Day: A father goes 'badass' to save his family: [CNN]
  6. Photography: Our staff photographer can be your photographer: [La Belle Vie Photography]
  7. Fashion: Shed the "Milwaukee is cheap" image (or at least temporarily bury it under a couple of millimeters of terry cloth) with this Miltown Hustler T-shirt: [Too Much Metal For One Hand]
  8. Breakfast: Can a bicycle toast toast? Olympic track cycling gold medalist Robert Förstemann uses his meaty thighs to find out. []
  9. Gross: An actual sketch book for tattoo artists made of fake skin. []
  10. Colors: This color thesaurus will provide you a "rainbow of images" for your writing. []