By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 10, 2015 at 7:01 PM
  1. Cracked upAccording to this Cracked piece, the stuff you probably hated the "Star Wars" prequels for is probably stuff the original trilogy did too. Except for metachlorians. That was a shiny new brand of Lucas-approved misery. []
  2. "Westworld" take 2Remember "Westworld"? Well now it’s going to be an HBO show starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood. Here’s the first look at it. We imagine it has to be better than "True Detective" season two. []
  3. TMYK: Ever wonder why your microwave sucks at heating up the whole burrito? It turns out each microwave has its own special snowflake radiation pattern and Indian crackers are perfect for sussing it out. []
  4. So true: Your mom ruined LOL for everyone. [
  5. Freedom walking: Our Bobby Tanzilo got busted for jaywalking on 4th and Wisconsin on his VERY FIRST DAY living in Milwaukee. And he was ticketed two or three times after that... So, should or should you not do it? Here's one New Yorker's take. []
  6. Killer confidence: Mindy Kaling's secret? You have to earn that bulletproof feeling. []
  7. Figure it out: "Not everyone who disagrees with you is a hater. Sometimes they are just someone with a different opinion." []
  8. Drunk meals: If you fail to line one’s stomach pre-bender, though, there’s no other choice but to do so afterward. That's where drunk meals come in. Don't not know what to make with the inadequate foods in your fridge. []
  9. Learn it: Falling asleep in 60 seconds is within your reach. Is it some magical pill, potion or lotion? Nope. Just some breathing techniques. []
  10. Beauty: American Eagle's underwear line Aerie stopped retouching their photos a year ago. Sales are now up, up, and up. Why? These untouched photos may lend a clue why. []