By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 31, 2015 at 4:31 PM
  1. VMA review: The VMA awards were last night. We didn’t watch them because, man, we only have so much time on this Earth, and I’ve already spent too much of it concerned about Miley Cyrus trying WAAAY too hard to be a Hip Cool Edgy Celebrity. Luckily, Dave Holmes at Esquire did and put together this perfect winners and losers recap. Come for the hilarious photo of the Biebz crying on stage and just looking the saddest; stay for the perfect response to Taylor Swift winning big for "Bad Blood." []

  2. Save a buck: Booking a flight can be a frustrating experience. When do flights go down or up? When is the best time to book that trip to Cabo? Find out here. []

  3. Silver lining: Ugh. Over-thinking can be the worst. Or, is it that bad? Turns out over-thinkers may just be geniuses. []

  4. Hipster meat: The typical butcher used to be just that, typical. Now, hipster ones are popping up all the country. How do you know you've stepped into a new-age butcher? Here are 7 signs! []

  5. Gold, Jerry. It's gold: These 14 stand-up jokes don't ever get old. []

  6. Concussed: The trailer for "Concussion" premiered this morning – on the usually NFL-happy MMQB of all places – telling the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu (an accented Will Smith), his discovery of the first case of severe brain damage in a professional football player and the brick wall to recognition and treatment that was the NFL. Just in time for kick-off! Who’s ready for football!? The movie comes out on Christmas. []

  7. Lectorings: NBC’s brilliantly brutal "Hannibal" aired what is likely its series finale Saturday night. You can dry your gruesome though artfully framed tears, however, with this hilarious Tumblr page dedicated to Hannibal making terrible jokes. []

  8. LIES: John Oliver was off this week, but he did post a YouTube video discussing his favorite history lies, as well as his new book dedicated to history lies – which, as it turns out, was also a lie. Oh you wily fibber. []

  9. LOL: This guy was trying to scare his girlfriend -- but what he really got was a pretty funny video. [

  10. Call for fall: Say hello to fall with this recipe for apple cider sangria. You can thank us later. []