By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 13, 2015 at 7:02 PM

These are some of the links we can't stop clicking on this week.

  1. Parenting hacks: Another day, another clever Buzzfeed list. Take a vacation from the irritation (and love) with these clever summer hacks. []
  2. Winter's wrath: Boston got pummeled this past winter with snow storm after snow storm. Unfortunately, they still have a daily reminder of it with this still melting snow pile. []
  3. Puppy love: Your afternoon smile is provided by these adorable puppies shaking off in slow motion. []
  4. #Buildthefuture: HBO's John Oliver tackles Wisconsin's arena debate. [] While we appreciate his opinion, we wish he'd check his facts a bit better and we also hope you read the view from our own Andy Tarnoff. []
  5. Epic: It's Batman and Superman in a movie together, with Wonder Woman showing up. Need we say more? Our first look at "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" a few months back may not have been great, but this? We can work with this.  []
  6. Snack heaven: Prepare your taste buds for the glory that is smoked brisket fat popcorn! []
  7. Bathroom talk: Afraid to ask your coworker about why you don't go #2 everyday? You should be. Read this instead. []
  8. Breastaurant: This edition of Munchie's "Restaurant Confessionals" goes behind the scene's at Las Vegas's Heart Attack Grill. Learn about this "breastaurant" that rewards you with a free meal if 350 lbs. or more and a wooden spoon spanking if you don't finish. []
  9. Emotions: The crying child, the injured puppy... they pull at your heartstrings. Why don't large catastrophes? Or genocides? Empathy is a choice. []
  10. Fore!: Don't be that guy on the course making these 36 common mistakes on a golf course this weekend. Just don't. Please. []