By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 19, 2016 at 1:01 PM

  1. Heart it: The top-trending words on will warm your politics-loving heart. []
  2. Know it: How does Wisconsin fare on taxes on our beer? [MacIver Institute Twitter]
  3. Build it: Jokes aside, our Andy Tarnoff thinks the new arena will be gorgeous. But what else does it look like? Find out. []
  4. Buy it: You need a guide to buying a DeLorean too, right? []
  5. Use it: What's so great about apple cider vinegar? Basically, everything. []
  6. Read it: Baseball has many unwritten rules and Nationals star Bryce Harper has lots of things to say about them. []
  7. Eat them: NYT Food shares why need to try alfajores -- dulce de leche confecations of heaven. You can try them at C-Viche in Bay View. []
  8. Eagle it: An eagle always takes the shortest path. [WorldandScience Twitter]
  9. Know it: The zombies are coming -- and the government has a plan for it. []
  10. Use them: We all need that lift sometimes. Here are 28 of the most powerful quotes and words to get you through it. []