By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 09, 2016 at 1:01 PM
  1. Drink them: There is nothing like a 40 to relive your college days. But are there any really good ones? Find out! []
  2. Make them: Spring is upon us and you could be combining two of the best things about it. Wine and slushies! Learn how to make them – we are, too! []
  3. Wear them: Reebok is hoping to cash in on your love of "Aliens," and the sneakers that Signourney Weaver wore in the film. You can get your own pair on upcoming "Alien Day." []
  4. Color in it: We all need a little stress relief in our life. This coloring book could help you get through your recent break-up, or just your general disdain for love. []
  5. Do it: If you've been craving to have a true zombie encounter in life you need not look any further than our own Wisconsin Dells. You – and your friends – will use state of the art military weapons to clear a military base of the walking dead. For real. []
  6. Read it: A life of service is one that we should all honor. But the funeral and remembrance of Lucy – a Milwaukeean who fully lived a life of service – was also about how she died. []
  7. Make it: The art of the sandwich is one that you can master too. Find out how! []