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The Packers may have had a much-needed bye week, but the rest of the NFL was still busy being its usual unpredictable self. After a dysfunctional start, are the Miami Dolphins finally playing up to potential? And speaking of potential, are the Vikings really living up to the many pre-season sleeper predictions? Here's where those questions and more stand in this week's power rankings. 

1. New England Patriots (Record: 6-0; Previous rank: 1)

The remaining undefeated teams in the NFL haven’t picked up many of their victories over teams with winning records. However, the Patriots collected one in Week 7 by beating the Jets.

2. Green Bay Packers (Record: 6-0; Previous rank: 2)

The bye week came at the perfect time for Green Bay, which had a dozen players on its injury report. Now, the Packers face a major challenge by going to Denver and facing a great Broncos defense.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (Record: 6-0; Previous rank: 3)

The Bengals had a Week 7 bye, but now they have to deal with the likely return of Ben Roethlisberger this Sunday.

4. Denver Broncos (Record: 6-0; Previous rank: 4)

Peyton Manning had two touchdown passes and seven interceptions between Weeks 4-6. He’ll now face a Packers defense that is ranked second in sacks and sixth in interceptions.

5. Carolina Panthers (Record: 6-0; Previous rank: 5)

The Panthers keep winning. This week, it was beating the Eagles at home.

6. Arizona Cardinals (Record: 5-2; Previous rank: 6)

Arizona has cooled off a bit after a hot start, but the Cardinals found a way to get past the Ravens on Monday night.

7. Atlanta Falcons (Record: 6-1; Previous rank: 7)

It wasn’t all that impressive, but Atlanta went into Tennessee in Week 7 and left with a 10-7 win.

8. New York Jets (Record: 4-2; Previous rank: 8)

The Jets gave the Patriots a great fight on the road. A moral victory in some ways, it further legitimized New York as a contender in the AFC.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (Record: 4-3; Previous rank: 9)

Pittsburgh was down to its No. 3 quarterback in a loss at Kansas City. However, the Steelers should be getting Roethlisberger back now, and they did fairly well in his absence by winning two of the four games he missed.

10. Seattle Seahawks (Record: 3-4; Previous rank: 10)

When the Seahawks defense is on, it’s really on. In Seattle’s three wins this season, they have not given up a single offensive touchdown.

11. Minnesota Vikings (Record: 4-2; Previous rank: 11)

The Vikings went on the road to Detroit and took care of business against a divisional opponent that they should beat.

12. New York Giants (Record: 4-3; Previous rank: 14)

The Giants won their fourth game over the past five weeks by beating the Cowboys. Now, Jason Pierre-Paul should be returning to boost New York’s defense.

13. Miami Dolphins (Record: 3-3; Previous rank: 18)

What a difference a coaching change has made in Miami. Incredible. The Dolphins led Houston, 41-0, at halftime in Week 7.

14. St. Louis Rams (Record: 3-3; Previous rank: 16)

The Rams came back from a bye with their defense looking strong in an 18-point win over Cleveland.

15. Oakland Raiders (Record: 3-3; Previous rank: 21)

The Raiders came out of their bye week on a mission, it seemed, absolutely thrashing the Chargers.

16. New Orleans Saints (Record: 3-4; Previous rank: 24)

The Saints responded to a 1-4 record by giving the Falcons their first loss of the season, and then following it up by going to Indianapolis and winning.

17. Buffalo Bills (Record: 3-4; Previous rank: 12)

For all the talent in Buffalo, the Bills haven’t figured it out yet. Losing in London to the Jaguars was not a good look.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (Record: 3-4; Previous rank: 13)

The Eagles went to Carolina in Week 7 and lost by 11.

19. Indianapolis Colts (Record: 3-3; Previous rank: 15)

Andrew Luck wasn’t outdueled by Drew Brees, but the Colts were certainly handled by New Orleans. Even in Indianapolis, the Colts trailed the Saints at halftime by a score of 20-0.

20. Dallas Cowboys (Record: 2-4; Previous rank: 17)

Another week without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, another Cowboys loss.

21. Washington (Record: 3-4; Previous rank: 19)

Washington had a big comeback to beat the Buccaneers by one at home.

22. San Diego Chargers (Record: 2-4; Previous rank: 18)

The Chargers didn’t exactly do a good job in following up Philip Rivers’ career day in Green Bay. After three quarters against the Raiders in Week 7, San Diego trailed, 37-6.

23. Cleveland Browns (Record: 2-5; Previous rank: 22)

The Browns couldn’t hang with the Rams in Week 7, losing big.

24. San Francisco 49ers (Record: 2-5; Previous rank: 23)

The 49ers scored only three points at home in a Week 7 loss to division-rival Seattle.

25. Tennessee Titans (Record: 1-5; Previous rank: 25)

The Titans struggled mightily on offense without Marcus Mariota in Week 7, scoring only seven points at home against Atlanta.

26. Baltimore Ravens (Record: 1-6; Previous rank: 26)

Another close game, another Ravens loss.

27. Kansas City Chiefs (Record: 2-5; Previous rank: 29)

The Chiefs benefitted from facing the Steelers’ No. 3 quarterback, but Kansas City still got a much-needed win.

28. Chicago Bears (Record: 2-4; Previous rank: 28)

The Bears had a Week 7 bye and now host the Vikings this Sunday.

29. Detroit Lions (Record: 1-6; Previous rank: 27)

Another disastrous outing for the Lions led to the firing of several coaches, including their offensive coordinator.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (Record: 2-5; Previous rank: 32)

The Jaguars picked up their second win of the season by beating the Bills in London.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Record: 2-4; Previous rank: 31)

Tampa Bay blew a 24-7 lead at Washington and ended up losing by one.

32. Houston Texans (Record: 2-5; Previous rank: 30)

The Texans were losing to Miami, 41-0, at halftime. Houston most definitely has a problem.

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