By Parker Thompson, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Apr 23, 2019 at 5:01 PM

If you were out on Brady Street last Thursday night, you most likely saw a big custom-made truck with life-size White Claw cans attached to either side. This may have left you unfazed since the hard seltzer brand has become a giant in the alternative alcoholic canned beverage scene – but in fact, White Claw was conducting some market research on an upcoming product.

Milwaukee was one of only six markets to try White Claw Pure, a hard seltzer without added flavors, before it being released to the general public. To do so, White Claw employed the use of custom-fit vans and set up hour-long pop-ups at five bars near Cathedral Square and along Brady Street. Their first stop, SportClub, is where I was able to try a sample, paired with a lime wedge.

What we know for sure

Pure is a simplification of White Claw's traditional hard seltzer. Without the added grapefruit, lime, or black cherry flavoring, you are sipping on zero carbs, 100 calories and a carbonated beverage with just a hint of tasting alcohol. Of course, when you pour out 25 samples before offering them to participants, some of the carbonation is lost.

What is up for interpretation

After chatting with some attendees, Pure didn't make an impression on everyone. Some people claimed it was just bland alcoholic water, and if you are familiar with their other flavors, this might have caught you off guard. However, other guests preferred the simplicity as they have grown accustomed to ordering cocktails with just ice water as a mixer.

I found myself in split between both sides. While I normally don't drink hard seltzers, I enjoyed the sample when the waitress offered me a lime or lemon wedge to pair with White Claw Pure. This felt much more recognizable, like a gin and tonic with a twist of lime: not a strong citrus flavor but just enough to compliment the other ingredients.

One thing is for certain: This beverage will truly hit the spot when the unavoidable wave of summer humidity hits, and we are all trying to cool down!

White Claw Pure Seltzer is now available at most places to buy liquor, including Metro Market, Otto's Beverage Center and Avenue Liquor, as well as the five bars where they hosted their pop-ups (SportClub, Flannery's, Jack's American Pub, Nomad and Jo-Cat's). Cheers to a fresh take on hard seltzer!