By Jason Gorman Special to Published Mar 13, 2012 at 9:39 AM

I'll admit it: I have a sweet tooth, much to my chagrin. This past week I was grocery shopping, picking up some basics and longing for the markets to start up again, when behold – I stumbled upon a new product that just came out: WhoNu cookies!

These are modern cookies. Those fatty sugary devilish treats have now magically been transformed into something that is not only delicious but nutritious.

Could it be true? I could actually just couch potato all day long pounding these tasty treats – which I admit taste good and get all my daily nutrients?

Sadly, yet again science has failed us. Sure, these cookies have more vitamins and nutrients than an Oreo. However, if you put the nutrition labels from an Oreo cookie and a WhoNu cookie side by side they are identical ... to a point. The same caloric intake, the same sugar levels and a ton of sodium.

Basically, it's very similar to when you have to medicate your pet – stuff the medicine in a their favorite treat, bury it so they won't find it and then they swallow their pills. These cookies are no different – a multi-vitamin stuffed in a sugary unhealthy treat. Sure, sounds like fun, I'll take my daily vitamins wrapped in a cookie. Do they think we consumers are that dumb?

You know, if you want a cookie, have one. Heck, bake them yourself or with a family member – that's fun. But, if you really want a tasty treat with vitamins hidden inside? Try a carrot. Mother Nature is sneaky that way.

Jason Gorman Special to

Chef Jason Gorman has been eating for almost 41 years, cooking for 26 years, and has had the privilege of working with some of the country's top chefs and restaurants.

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