By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 18, 2014 at 11:46 AM

As of July 5, the Wooldridge Brothers' Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for not one, but two new records – the band's next studio album and Scott Wooldridge's solo album – was a success (Kickstarter: It's not just for Zach Braff and potato salad anymore!).

However, fans won't have to wait long for new Wooldridge Brothers music. Well, new-ish music. And kind of the Wooldridge Brothers. Let us explain. 

The Milwaukee-based band is releasing "Cover Up," a mini-album of Wooldridge Brothers favorites covered by musically inclined friends of the group. It all began when singer-songwriter Liv Mueller posted some covers in her own style. From there, the idea grew into a nine-song record of covers from artists like Mueller, Chris Porterfield of Field Report, Mike Benign, 5 Card Studs, Chris DeMay and others. 

The album will be released online through Bandcamp – where the songs are up right now – iTunes, Amazon and other music sites. A limited amount of physical copies will be available on the Wooldridge Brothers' website, as well. 

To celebrate, the Wooldridge Brothers are hosting an exclusive invite-only press event at Sugar Maple next week.