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Some Divino pizza...
Some Divino pizza...

5 great Milwaukee pizzas

According to The Atlantic, on any given day 13 percent of Americans eat pizza. In a story packed with interesting details on our Italian pie obsession, writer Derek Thompson offers up this surprising one: Four percent of pizza eaten by children is for breakfast.

I’m in that 13 percent pretty often. At least once a week and many weeks twice or more. In the past, I might’ve said, "I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so of course I eat a lot of pizza." But pizza is no regional thing anymore, despite the fact that regions have their own special pizza preferences.

Here are my preferences for pizza in five Milwaukee "regions," in no particular order. Share yours using the talkback feature below or via social media.

The East Side: I know the Zaffiro’s and Pizza Man faithful may sneer, but to me there’s no better pizza for your buck than at Divino, which used to be Palermo Villa, 2315 N. Murray Ave. The crust is weighter and tastier and the ratio of sauce to cheese to dough is perfection.

West Allis: I haven’t been there in a while now but there was a time I’d go to Filippo’s, 6915 W. Lincoln Ave., more or less monthly. Never lived nearby, but it was always worth the trip. A thinner crust, but nice salty cheese and a lightly tangy sauce. And back in the day, you’d see Tom Green dining and it wouldn’t take much to get him to set down his fork, stand up and deliver a verse and chorus of "O Sole Mio."

Walker’s Point: When I want the New York-style pizza by the slice that I remember from my youth, I hit Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria, 605 S. 1st St. I can never figure out why you get a side of bread, but I don’t complain because the pizza is so fold-ably satisfying to my soul. (UPDATE: Times Square has closed since this post was written.)

Wauwatosa: Lalli’s, 8826 W. North Ave., dishes up a pizza along the lines of Divino’s, with a chewy crust and a nice – and tasty – cheese/crust/sauce ratio. But, sorry guys, it’s 2014, get a credit card machine, please.

Downtown: Calderone Club, 842 N. Old World 3rd St., serves up my favorite paper-thin crust pizza. With bubbling cheese and a crispy crust, a Calderone pizza goes down like candy. So, if you’re there and you’re wondering, yes, you need the family size.


blewparrot | May 2, 2014 at 10:09 a.m. (report)

34839 I don't necessarily agree with all your pizza choices. But I'm thoroughly convinced that the vast majority of folks that reside in the surrounding MKE metro area, do not realize how fortunate they are, to have so many mom + pop, family owned and locally owned GREAT pizza restaurants. I just recently returned from a two week excursion to the Houston Metroplex area. The pizza choices there are basically limited to self serve, chain restaurants, serving very chewy crust with there local sausage. They have no clue what good Italian sausage is and how it enhances the flavor/taste of a true pizza pie!

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