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2 reasons why it's a bad week to be an atheist

Published Feb. 17, 2015

So what's making atheism tough this week? Two things. One is Scott Walker. And I don't just say that on principle, though I can see why you might think that given my history in this space. The second thing setting off my atheist alarms this last week is something that really was newsworthy. That's the murder of three observant Muslims in Chapel Hill, N.C., last Tuesday.


OnMedia: Traveling with your TV

Published Dec. 23, 2010

You can't stick them in your back pocket like a travel book, but TV travel shows are also helpful in planning a trip. I used several shows before I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium, earlier this year.


OnMedia: The big winner in the election TV show

Published Nov. 3, 2010

She lost her election, but Christine O'Donnell has won a spot as a familiar TV face... Jon Stewart's Washington rally pulls in a substantial audience for a Saturday afternoon... Conan O'Brien's five-minute run-through.


OnMedia: Three years later, DeMarco Morgan is still giving back

Published Oct. 18, 2010

Three years after he left town, the former Channel 12 anchor/reporter is still a frequent visitor to town, working on his favorite cause: literacy ... Andrew "Bizarre Foods" Zimmern is coming to town ... Brett Favre has turned quickly into a national joke.

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