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I got dibs on that parking spot. Yeah, dibs, you turkey

Published March 3, 2015

This latest snow fall made me realize something. I've never called dibs here. I'm not alone. I don't see any Milwaukeeans shoveling out angled parking spots or street parking spots and calling dibs on their handiwork. You know, "dibs." See, this is a real thing that real people do - specifically 90 miles south of us in Chicago. And it's serious business.


On second thought ... never mind

Published April 5, 2009

Thanks to the local news/weather/storm team cabal, I blocked out a little time today for snow removal. Looks like I won't need it.


Stuck in snow: Winter feels a lot less amusing

Published Dec. 19, 2008

I was feeling sporting this morning. And, after I cleared out my alley, I revved up the engine and attempted to blow through my neighbors' unshoveled section of road. I made it perhaps 20 feet when I got stuck. Very stuck.


Why does it always seem way too early?

Published Dec. 1, 2008

Why does it always seem way too early for this? Last winter -- which I generally prefer not to talk about -- didn't hit us until later and it felt way too soon for that. So, getting walloped like this at the end of November / beginning of December just seems plain cruel.

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