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Dealers of American dreams: House of Harley-Davidson

Published July 8, 2015

In this first article in a series of Harley-Davidson dealership profiles, chats with House of Harley-Davidson owner John Schaller about the company's history, the popularity of Sons Of Anarchy, the power of a clean bike and what it feels like to ride a Harley.


Sagal talks music, "Sons Of Anarchy" and "shedding Peg"

Published April 13, 2013

Katey Sagal is a well-known actress but she's also a talented singer. She will share her music at the Riverside Theater on Friday, April 19 followed by a Q&A with the audience after the performance. Recently, had the pleasure of interviewing Sagal on the 25th anniversay of the pilot episode of "Married With Children."


2012 picks: Renee Lorenz

Published Dec. 19, 2012

They say time flies when you're having fun. I don't know who "they" are (probably those terrifyingly upbeat "glass half full" people), but they nailed it. My 2012 is a blur of exciting times and memorable moments, most of which my lawyers have advised me not to discuss in detail. There's still plenty to talk about, though, and I've shared the highlights below.


OnMedia: Dumping on the Chicago Tribune

Published Oct. 8, 2010

Since Sam Zell took over the Chicago Tribune, it's been an easy target for journalism wags, and now The New York Times has dumped on the paper in a front-page story ...The MDA telethon is shrinking, and what of Jerry Lewis? ... Remembering Tony Curtis in a day of movies.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Pacific Rim"

Although Guillermo del Toro says he came up with Pacific Rim as a way of introducing monster/mech battles to a new generation, I imagine that he was thinking about things like Godzilla, Gamera and Japanese anime like Voltron and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and said, in a quiet voice, "I can do b...

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