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'WalkerCare' draws mixed reviews

Published Feb. 18, 2013

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's plan to reject additional federal Medicaid funding for the state's BadgerCare program is drawing mixed reviews, mostly divided along party lines.


Wisconsin in the national eye

Published April 10, 2012

It isn't anything new to those of us who realize that we Wisconsinites are often the test subject for national trends. For national TV outlets covering politics, Wisconsin is firmly on their radar.


Wisconsin politics will be toxic in 2012

Published Jan. 18, 2012

Tens of millions of dollars from out of state will be poured into Wisconsin in 2012, and all that money will flow directly into Wisconsin's toxic political bloodstream. Make no mistake, Wisconsin is a state divided against itself. The state has devolved into camps of "us" and "them," and your television is on the verge of becoming one perpetual political soapbox.

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