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I can no longer deny that autumn is really here. The equinox has passed and although oddly warm temperatures may be trying to fool summer-loving souls, the scenery of changing leaves and the certainty of chilly nights are shoving the reality of this season in my face.

So, in the spirit of having a "polished finger on beauty, fashion, fitness and nutrition trends," here are my five favorites for fall.

Beauty: Holocuren Miracle Lips
Colder temperatures and drier air signal the imminent annoyance of chapped lips. Applying your favorite shade of lipstick to a flaking, cracked pout can create a chunky mess. In my humble opinion, ChapStick and Carmex are toxic, temporary solutions to a predicament that can last all fall and winter long!

The solution comes from the founder and formulator of the legendary skin care line Epicuren within their holistic line, Holucuren, and their Miracle Lips Serum and Salve. These corrective lip treatments do what no other can: "penetrate at a cellular level to transform the health and vitality of lips." The silky smooth Serum goes on super glossy and shiny, while providing protection and stimulating cell turnover to renew the lips. The Salve is thicker, more like an ointment and melts into the lips, providing major hydration.

Both contain propolis and tea tree oil for anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits, which Holucuren says prevents and heals cold sores, boosts immunity, increases cellular turnover and reduces the potential for lip cancer and aging. I was sent both the Serum and Salve to try, so I’ve been using Miracle Lips twice a day for the last two months, which has revealed, softer, smoother lips and diminished fine lines around the edges with not a hint of chapped-ness yet! Find Epicuren skincare at SIER Wellness and Med Spa in Mequon and order Holocuren products online.

Eyelash Extensions: Salon Nova Milwaukee
As a makeup artist and esthetician, I had my reservations about eyelash extensions, hence my late-to-the-game embracing of this beauty trend. I had preconceived notions that they may be uncomfortable, would damage the natural lash and limit my daily eye makeup routine. A bunk set nastily applied to my own lashes enforced this opinion, until I decided to further my esthetics education and take the plunge to learn to offer eyelash extensions as a service myself.

My education informed me that with properly applied extensions – one lash extension applied to exactly one natural lash – eye makeup is not even necessary. This fabulous look is totally amazing and non-damaging. Eyelash extensions have totally changed my "get ready" time and I feel "done" even when waking up without a stitch of cosmetics on my face. The extensions themselves make my eyes look bigger and more defined. So, with school, the holidays and fading tans, what better time to pare down your routine and get a glamor boost than fall?

The extensions do require some upkeep. Extension wearers require "fills" every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on lash care and the natural lash hair growth cycle, but I know for me – and my new lash clients – it’s totally worth it! Milwaukee’s own Nova Beschta, owner of Salon Nova and known as the "lash King" has mastered eyelash extension technique and even improved it with his very own brand of eyelash extensions and application procedure called Liquifan. Check him out and simplify your fall beauty ritual!

Fashion: Novella Royalle
Obsessed. Period. For any season – I will not discriminate for these genius pants. I want to collect every pattern of the Janis Bell from Novella Royale. Pair the stretchy flares with a slouchy tee or thin sweater, layer them with a cropped or long jacket, top ‘em off with a platform heel and get ready for compliments galore. Every time I rock these retro bells made from vintage fabrics (I own the Plum and Sandstone Tangier), everyone notices. I personally notice the high waist that slims my middle better (and cooler) than Spanx and the elongated line created by the extra long bell silhouette. (FYI, I wear a size small and would never refuse a gift from Novella Royale.)

Fitness: Buti Yoga
Think yoga is boring? Too still or "spiritual" for you? Even power yoga not enough of a challenge? Then, look no further than Buti Yoga. Created by the adorable Bizzie Gold, this blend of yoga, plyometrics and tribal dance is not for the mellow, "ohm" crowd. This sexy, fast-paced, extremely challenging program presents moves previously only appropriate for the bedroom or the strip club, but with new purpose and stellar results. You’ll roll your hips and pop your booty in asanas that previously seemed quite innocent. Buti compliments those poses with cardio pumping dance moves and creative stretches that will leave you sweaty and super sore. I suggest trying the Buti workouts available for free on YouTube before investing in the DVDs or monthly membership online classes. Be patient, some of the moves take mega coordination and feel super awkward at first, but give your body time to adjust and your mind some time to open … for major results.

Nutrition: Coconut Butter
I am crazy for coconut everything. I cook and bake almost exclusively with coconut oil for its nutty flavor and health benefits. I slather it on my skin, drench it on my hair and add it to hot baths as a natural moisturizer. I enjoy coconut milk in smoothies, in my coffee or tea, on my morning quinoa bowl or even warmed up in a mug – blended with raw cacao and a bit of stevia for a tropical hot chocolate.

Several of my cosmetic and skin care products include coconut-something, taking advantage of the fruit’s many benefits. But, nothing compares to my current love affair with edible Coconut Butter, a heavier food perfect for colder seasons. Inspired by nut butters, pulverizing and blending the entire flesh of the coconut into a smooth paste creates coconut butter.

The outcome is an unctuous, creamy, decadent, slightly sweet, incredibly rich and very spreadable deliciousness that is pretty much good on whatever you choose to slather it on, although I’ve been known to enjoy straight from the jar. My dear girlfriend introduced me to this amazing, all natural food and I spoon it onto hot, non-GMO popcorn for an addicting movie night treat.

Here’s a tip – coconut butter is very solid at room temperature, so twist the lid shut as tightly as possible, immerse it in a hot water bath for about 10 to 15 minutes and then thoroughly stir before enjoying. What results is a frosting-like texture perfect for spreading, dipping or spooning. Find it locally at The Outpost, most health food stores – or even some conventional grocery stores. My personal favorite brand is the Organic Coconut Manna from Nutiva.

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