By Dominic the Food Reviewer Published Oct 09, 2021 at 11:01 AM

Join us on Saturday, July 22 for some lakeside munchies at the second annual OnMilwaukee Food Truck Fest. Choose from a menu of 20 trucks and enjoy the live music, games and entertainment. It's the biggest gathering of the best food on four wheels.

At OnMilwaukee, we believe in lifting up all voices and using our platform to support others’ dreams.  And that's what we hope to do for Dominic the Food Reviewer. When I first met Dominic almost two years ago, I was impressed by his passion, his curiosity and his interest in improving his writing. Over time,  I’ve not only enjoyed getting to know him better, but he has taught me as much as I have him. My hope is that you’ll not only enjoy reading Dominic’s reviews, but also glean understanding and joy from seeing the world of food through his eyes. -- Lori Fredrich, Dining Editor

I wish I could have added more places, but I had to stop at 10. Here are my top 10 favorite places to eat, in no particular order. 

1. Five O’ Clock Steakhouse

Dominic at Five O'Clock SteakhouseX

2416 W. State St., (414) 342-3553
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Five O’ Clock Steakhouse has a very interesting history and is a Milwaukee staple. What I love most is how their steaks are so juicy and melt right in your mouth. I love dining here with my family.  

2. Santino’s Little Italy

Pizza at Santino's Little ItalyX

352 E. Stewart St., (414) 897-7367
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I absolutely enjoy Santino’s Little Italy because their humongous bocce meatballs are very appetizing and everything on the menu is super delicious. I love the fresh ingredients that they use. I absolutely love their tomatoes and the pizza is very fresh tasting and incredible.

3. Georgie Porgies

Dominic at Georgie Porgie'sX

9555 S. Howell Ave., Oak Creek, (414) 571-9889

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What I enjoy the most about Georgie Porgies is their Wisconsin Bier & Bacon Cheese Burger when it is cascading like a cheesy waterfall. I love the tree fort up inside too, and how it is decorated. This is one of my favorite burgers around. Don’t forget about their amazing custard, and sundaes too. 

4. Taqwa’s Bakery & Restaurant

Taboun bread at Taqwa'sX

4651 S. 27th St., Greenfield, (414) 539-6878

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Taqwa’s is easily one of my favorite restaurants. I think their homemade Touban bread which is cooked inside of a stone fire oven is deliciously warm and flakey. Taqwa has a passion for cooking that you can tell in every dish she makes. I loved everything I have tried here. Taqwa Obaid is truly an amazing chef!

5. Mexic103

Food at Mexic103X

3506 E. Layton Ave, Cudahy, (414) 231-9101

What I really enjoy most at Mexic103 is their Birria style taco special. The special comes with onions and cilantro on top with a side of rice and refried beans. I love their shrimp tacos and ground beef tacos too. I like that their rice comes in the shape of a pyramid. This is my favorite Mexican food around. 

6. Dairyland 

Burger at DairylandX

Zocalo Food Park, 636 S. 6th St., (414) 531-5772

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Dairyland is one of my favorites because their burgers are nicely cooked and grilled with a juicy taste. I really enjoy their french fries because they put a special type of seasoning on them which makes them very flavorful, with a nice crisp to it. The owners and workers are very genuine and always friendly. Their old fashion style burgers are easily one of the best burgers in Milwaukee. 

7. Char’d

Food at Char'dX

222 E Erie St., (414) 885-2611
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Char’d is another fantastic restaurant in Milwaukee. Their bulgogi bowl and edamame is very delectable. I enjoyed every bite of the vegetables, beef and rice in the bulgogi bowl. I like how modern and clean it is inside. I also always enjoy eating my dinner with chopsticks too. 

8. St. Paul’s Fish Co.

Lobster roll at St. Paul Fish Co.X

Milwaukee Public Market, 400 N. Water St., (414) 220-8383
The Cannery, 6200 W. Mequon Rd., (262) 200-9909
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St. Paul’s is another favorite restaurant of mine because their lobster rolls on a toasted bun are incredible and tastes like it came right out of the ocean. I love how fresh all their seafood is. They have such cool decorations and artwork. They also have a location next to the Mequon public market. 

9. Bavarian Bierhaus

Dominic with a giant pretzelX

700 W. Lexington Blvd., Glendale, (414) 236-7000
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I enjoy the Bavarian Bierhaus very much because their ginormous pretzel with bier cheese hits the spot. It is another restaurant that is a blast to hang out with a large group. I love to celebrate Oktoberfest every year here. I also love trying all the German food like schnitzel. 

10. Egg & Flour Pasta Bar

Pasta at Egg & FlourX

2273 S. Howell Ave., (414) 885-0204
Crossroads Collective, 2238 N. Farwell Ave. 
Metcalfe's Market, 6700 W. State St., Wauwatosa, (414) 204-1281

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What I enjoy the most at Egg & Flour is their fresh homemade pasta. I love the pappardelle pasta with bolognese meat sauce and parmesan cheese. The portions are great and the noodles taste so fresh. Everything I’ve tried here has been amazing. I love this place. They also have several other locations including in the Crossroads Collective, and Wauwatosa.

Dominic the Food Reviewer is a teenage writer and student at St. Francis High School who began sharing his passion for food by posting positively-focused restaurant reviews on Facebook. Since he created his page in 2019, he has been featured by multiple media outlets including Fox6, CBS58 and TMJ4. Dominic says his goal is to inspire other kids with special talents to find their own voices and passions.