By Lindsay Garric Special to Published Jan 08, 2015 at 7:02 PM

This ain't no resolution. This is a mother trucking manifesto.

I’m going to tell you how I really feel and then, I’m going to actually do something about it. No apathy here.

Maybe this is just a phase. But, this is totally about me – not you, nor anyone who chooses to continue to engage with you.

I’m just … not that into you anymore.

I need some time apart, to navigate without you for a bit. I realized a while back that my relationship with you has totally disconnected me from reality. What you deliver to me is in no way authentic. It’s a specifically sorted collage of only what you and your users want to show me, allowing the mind to create false stories around this show of selective truth.

My relationship with you has caused me to become cut off from so much. I feel a deep disconnect from culture – true culture that I can corporeally experience. I am ashamed at how out of touch with real news I am, influenced into accepting your "feed" as an alternative to more journalistic sources. Newspapers and telecasts replaced by your relentless roll filled with gossip and half-truths.

Most disturbing is that I feel your presence like Big Brother, watching my every move so that EVERYONE is privy to details of my daily life or special events – even when I myself do not share this information. I miss the anonymity of daily life. And not only do you track and broadcast my activity, but you then use it to try to sell me anything that may be within my demographic interests.

I miss my life before you, when my privacy didn’t need a policy.

I don’t think I’m better than you or anything like that.

*I just don’t feel BETTER after I interact with you.*

Honestly, most of the time I feel worse. I am sensitive to your emotion-manipulating advertising and non-consensual social and psychological experiments. I am defenseless to the portal of spontaneous energies you deal to me via the screen of my digital devises. But, I will no longer be a victim to your power and pervasiveness.

I understand that I am hypocritical in denying you the mutual benefit of being able to profit from my posts. I know I have certainly been very successful at using you as a platform to promote what I am involved in. However, I can no longer sacrifice the integrity of my own content by allowing you to use it in any way you wish. I surrender my self-promotion – whether it is for work or my personal life.

I recognize my professional ventures may suffer because of this and there will be some personal relationships that may dissolve, but I intend to find another way to maintain the pursuits and people in my life that are important to me.

I think it’s fair that if you can’t use me for gain or exploitation, then I can’t use you either. So, I think it’s best we take a break from each other.

I am deactivating you from my life. I hope that our circle of "friends" will understand and we can all continue to keep in touch and support each other through direct contact like email, phone calls and text messages.

I feel this is the best thing for me right now. It is the most potent gesture I can apply to show you that we are just not on the same page. I will consciously have to unplug from my drive to constantly connect with you and instead reconnect myself to the tangible world and actual life.

We’re still going to run into each other through your less aggressive counterparts, Twitter and Instagram, so I hope we can still be "friends." But, for now it’s best we just go our separate ways and remember the times we had together fondly.

I may be proven totally wrong and find that you are truly a necessary evil in my life. I am willing to admit when I am wrong and if I have to eat crow and reinstate our contact I will gladly bow in defeat. But today, I’m ready to let you go.

Farewell, Facebook.

(Thank you to the amazing Raquel Bueno for raising the question of whether you "feel better after looking at your Facebook feed" in one of her amazingly transformative and beautiful yoga classes.)

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