By Jason McDowell Creative Director Published Mar 16, 2012 at 3:08 PM

It’s still the middle of March, but it’s quite obvious the cycling season has begun regardless. To celebrate, Fyxation has teamed up with Milwaukee Bicycle Company (a part of Ben’s Cycle) and photographer Peter DiAntoni of COG Magazine (also based out of Milwaukee) to help promote their new contest: on March 21, they’re giving away a brand new State Bicycle Co. fixed gear bicycle, equipped with Fyxation components. All you have to do is Like their Facebook page.

Their promotional video was created by a team of Milwaukee area locals and is composed entirely of still shots of bicycles in the studio and around the Riverwest and the East Side. Indoor shots show off how much a bicycle can change its personality depending on the minute changes in the style of the handlebars, grips and color. Rapid-fire outdoor shots feature cyclist Dan Mueller as he puts these bikes to use around the city.

"The video," says Fyxation general manager Nick Ginster, "is entirely composed of still photographs shot over two days in the studio and one day on the streets by Peter DiAntoni of COG Magazine. Meticulous set up and lighting was required with the hundreds of component changes in the studio, and challenges of lighting and camera position on a moving rider."

Fyxation is a bicycle components company started in Glendale by Ginster, who had years of experience as a commuter, mechanic, engineer and product designer in the bicycle industry.

They offer high-quality options for customizing your bike at an affordable price.

"We wanted to bring the styling of traditional bikes down to a level the average person could afford," says Ginster, who noted they also try to modernize older components to be more comfortable. "Our cafe bars, for instance, are not quite as far back or quite as high. They’re not your grandma’s ride."

Fyxation’s locally designed colorful tires, bartape, pedals, saddles and straps can be found at bike shops around the city, around the country, and even in twelve countries around the world.

State Bicycle Company is based out of Tempe, Ariz.

You can watch their promotional video below:

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