By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 03, 2023 at 12:21 PM

Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo had another one of his remarkable nights on Thursday, putting up 54 points in a home victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, just one shy of tying his career-high set just last month. (I know; slacker, amirite?) So how does one celebrate another landmark performance in a comeback win nationally broadcasted on TNT? With a return visit to Chick-fil-A, the place where the Greek Freak famously celebrated his 50-piece championship clincher with an iconic 50-piece chicken nugget meal, right?

Like Giannis to Jokic and Embiid's MVP hopes: Not so fast. As it turns out, Giannis has a new fast food favorite. 

Indeed, after feasting on the Clippers' defense, Giannis told the media on Thursday about his postgame feasting plans – complete with a negative Yelp review for Chick-fil-A and a positive pivot to a more local option.

First of all, just trying to imagine 54 cheeseburgers gives me heart palpitations. God help Giannis and the Bucks if he ever goes to Solly's for a 50-burger order. But second: Come on, Chick-fil-A. The man gave you a massive plug while in the largest possible global spotlight – and this is how you reward him? Not since that Suns fan counting money in the stands have I seen such a loser move. 

Good news: The Wisconsin burger chain must've heard Giannis' plans and posted all over all its signs that it was happy to fill his 54-burger order. Better news: This extra-large happy meal comes with an even happier bonus, as Culver's tweeted that it will not only donate 54 burgers to Giannis' belly, but it will also donate 54,000 diapers to the Milwaukee Diaper Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides free diapers to families in need. 

And here I was thinking that bringing back the curderburger would be the best thing Culver's would do over the past 365 days. 

Anyways, the Bucks are currently sitting in second place in the East with a 35-17 record and a six-game winning streak that they hope to turn into seven on Saturday night at home against the Miami Heat. So here's to a victory there – and here's to more Giannis Culver's combo meal celebrations in the future.

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