By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 14, 2022 at 4:56 PM

Getting pumped for the start of the NBA season coming up just over a month away? Need some fresh Greek Freak content after bingeing Disney+'s "Rise" 47 times since June? Well, how convenient because a new Giannis Antetokounmpo documentary is coming out this month courtesy of ... WhatsApp?

Produced by – of all things – the popular Meta-owned text messaging app, the short film "Naija Odyssey" will tell the two-time MVP's "origin story of many origins," complete with Giannis and his mother Veronica narrating their inspirational journey from undocumented immigrants living on the edge in Greece to Giannis' rise as one of the greatest and most recognized basketball players in the world. 

Here's the newly released trailer for the short doc:

As first reported by Variety, the 12-minute documentary – WhatsApp's first work as a producer – is mostly designed as branded content, considering Giannis became an official brand ambassador for the texting app this past February. But hey, it's more of Giannis' incredible true story – and when it comes to Wisconsin sports content, I'd much rather talk about this than the Brewers being two games back of the playoffs and the Packers' depressing showing this past Sunday. 

"Naija Odyssey" will debut on Wednesday, Sept. 21 on Amazon Prime Video, with plans for release on YouTube and WhatsApp's various social media accounts as well. And stay tuned for, I don't know, a documentary about Fyre Festival produced by Google Maps coming up next. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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