By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 28, 2023 at 8:16 AM

The Bucks are in Brooklyn tonight, and while Giannis may not take the court due to his injured knee from the other night, he did stop by "The Daily Show" to show off his other most famous skill after basketball: being charming as hell. 

Joined by "Daily Show" guest host, NBA All-Star Weekend celebrity game colleague, Greek Freak superfan and WhatsApp horse combatant Hasan Minhaj, Giannis stopped by the show to highlight the Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation, bond with Minhaj about family and take some trash talk pointers. But obviously the most important part of the clip comes about midway through when Minhaj turns "The Daily Show" into "Snack Wars" and peppers famous smoothie and Culver's fan Giannis with other popular snack foods – from Fruit Roll-Ups (after getting juked out by the annoying wrapping) to Snowballs to Reese's Puffs and the Indian dessert gulab jamun. The segment will make you very hungry – and very happy that Milwaukee gets to call this one-of-a-kind superstar ours. 

Here's the full 18-minute interview/snack run:

OK, that's all fun, but I didn't even mention the highlight of the interview: Giannis says that his injured knee "feels good, feels great." WE'LL TAKE IT!

To learn more about the Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation, click here. And as for on-the-court action, the Milwaukee Bucks – pardon me, that's the 14-game-winning, current best team in the NBA Milwaukee Bucks – take the court tonight against the Brooklyn Nets in the hopes of maintaining their league-leading record and bringing their streak to 15 games. Just don't be alarmed if Giannis doesn't play – not because of the knee injury but because of the sugar rush comedown. 

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