By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 23, 2018 at 10:06 AM

Wisconsin weather: It spends the first few weeks of the year in a blistering freeze, and then as soon as you actually want cold temperatures, it melts away into constant slush. There's no winning with it.

Just ask the Third Ward, which planned a lovely Toast to Winter featuring not one, not two, but three ice bars spread out on the intersection of Broadway and St. Paul Avenue for Jan. 19, only to have to postpone the frozen festivities until Wednesday, Jan. 24. And now they've had to move the celebration back for hopefully the final time to Thursday, Feb. 1, when the forecasts currently have cold enough temperatures and drier weather. For now. 

While the date has changed, however, the cool plans are still frozen in place: St. Paul Fish Company (the original host of the concept last year), Cafe Benelux and The Wicked Hop will each host an ice bar complete with a uniquely designed ice bar feature – crafted out of 150 blocks of ice, weighing 23 tons – created by Guinness World Record holder Max Zuleta of Art Below Zero. St. Paul Fish Company will showcase a dynamic ice wall, Cafe Benelux will feature both a 3-D lion Bloody Mary ice luge as well as an ice bier wall, and The Wicked Hop will contain an "elegant beer-serving cow." Sounds awesome ... whatever that may look like. 

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from each of the ice bar features will go toward charity, with Cafe Benelux sponsoring the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, St. Paul Fish Company benefiting the Fisher House Foundation and The Wicked Hop supporting the ALS Association and Wisconsin Humane Society.

The three ice bars will officially open to the public at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 1. Hopefully this time the weather gets the memo – though knowing Wisconsin weather, it'll probably be 65 and sunny before snowing two weeks later. Stupid weather. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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