By Erik Kennedy Special to OnMilwaukee Published Sep 14, 2018 at 1:01 PM

As the summer winds down, one of my favorite seasons is upon us. From the changing of the leaves, to the apple and pumpkin picking, to the layering up, fall is amazing – especially in the Midwest because it enhances the beauty of our community.

With that in mind, the next time you are out touring the greater Milwaukee area, check out Kindred on KK in Bay View, which just released its seasonal mocktails perfect for embracing this fall season.  

The philosophy at Kindred is a space for all to gather and dine; to eat, drink, enjoy and relax in a warm environment where strangers are friends and friends are family.  

"Kindred’s dishes and drinks are inspired by classic preparations with a playful, inventive approach," said co-owner Marija Madunic. "Our staff collaborates to create what we hope is something amazing for everyone to enjoy. There are many reasons someone may want to enjoy a beverage without alcohol – we don’t judge! But we do aim to provide options made with as much love and interest as their spirit enhanced counterparts. Kindred spirits is an energy and a mindset at Kindred, with or without the spirits."

With that in mind, Kindred features four refreshing mocktails: Awilda, Rosie, Tamara and Violet, each selling for just $7. This fall’s mocktails come named after the staff's mothers or grandmothers, a heartwarming embodiment of inclusion and creating a culture of family. Each mocktail includes fresh ingredients and fruits while being inspired by classic flavors.

"Bay View is changing and evolving, and we want to be a part of the stories and experiences that are happening in this neighborhood," said Veronica Ordaz, bar manager.

The Awilda exemplifies a fall season mocktail – and it's one of the best apple cider inspired drinks that I have ever had. As the leaves begin to change color and the air becomes brisk, this drink will satisfy that seasonal craving. It pairs well with Kindred's fall kale salad and späetzle with aged gouda and sauerkraut crumble.

The Rosie is best described as an orange dreamsicle. I would recommend ordering this drink after you devour some delicious food at Kindred and have it with one of its yummy desserts – although the sweeter mocktail itself could be a dessert, just healthier.

The Violet was inspired by Veronica as she incorporated her Spanish heritage into its creation. The pickled plum makes this mocktail unique, especially with the hibiscus flower. I loved the mocktail because of the story behind it.

The Tamara, aka Goldie Locks, is Kindred's year-round mocktail – and when I say it's in-demand with its patrons, I mean it. The staff informed me of a regular who orders it religiously. To me, that is what you want in a mocktail: where each time you have it, the moments created during that drink are memorable. Another reason this mocktail is popular is because it is a healthy combination balanced with spices and nutmeg. It allows one to feel good before and afterwards because it is a light drink with a kick. I would actually recommend this mocktail during breakfast and brunch, comparing well to a Bloody Mary.

  • Awilda: Apple cider, pear nectar, fresh lemon, cardamom cinnamon spice infused maple – garnished with cinnamon stick and cinnamon sugar roasted apple slice

  • Rosie: Blood orange, grapefruit, vanilla rosemary honey, seltzer – garnished with fresh rosemary

  • Violet: Plum nectar, hibiscus flower, demerara syrup, fresh lemon, tonic – garnished with star anise and pickled plum

  • Tamara: Turmeric, honey, coconut lemon, cayenne, ginger

Kindred co-owners, sisters Marija and Vesma Madunic, and their staff are committed to making sure their space is a place for everyone while creating a warm environment. This fall season, check out their latest mocktails because their refreshing drinks will take you on a tranquil fall journey.