By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 18, 2010 at 4:28 PM

We've been thinking about brackets this week in the offices, but not so much that we haven't tried to help visitors to the city find their way around, stay hydrated, fed and entertained. We've decided to put an especially local spin on our weekly edition of suggestions, tips and testimonials.

If you're visiting Milwaukee this weekend for the NCAA Tournament, hopefully these suggestions will keep you well-fed, occupied and entertained.

The Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich at Miller Time Pub -- I've always been a fan of the Miller Time Pub burger, but the prime rib -- with onions and Au Jus -- is mighty tasty, too. It's well worth the $9. Check them out at the Hilton Milwaukee. -- Drew Olson

Deep-fried pickles -- Sure, you can probably find deep-fried pickles all over the country if you look hard enough, but the beauty part of Milwaukee is that you don't actually have to look that hard. Our old stand-by favorites are the spears at Palomino, 2491 S. Superior St. If you're looking for something with a bit of a kick, try the fried pickle coins at Stack'd Bar, 170 S. 1st St. My out-of-town guests are always pleasantly surprised by this savory little pre-dinner treat. -- Julie Lawrence

Milwaukee Riverwalk run -- To truly enjoy running outdoors, I think one needs great routes and scenery along the way. So, for me, there's no better run than my Milwaukee Riverwalk run. Start at any point, let's say Rock Bottom Brewery. Go south along the Riverwalk all the way past the Third Ward. Stop, then go all the way back north past Water Street. Next jump up and do the Riverwalk along Schlitz Park. Repeat. Obviously there are many different variations and two sides of the Riverwalk. No matter what you choose, all make good run (or walk) routes. -- Jeff Sherman

Custard; any kind of custard -- You're on vacation so, diet be dammed, right? When it comes to delectable treats, Milwaukee has plenty of options but few come close to the deliciousness of frozen custard. You can get it at places like Culver's, but be a Milwaukeean and try the offerings at Kopp's, Gilles or Leon's -- or all of them -- and then try to debate which is best. -- Andrew Wagner 

Parking at the Midwest Airlines Center lot -- You enter on Wells Street, just west of 4th Street. Pay your $15 -- it might be $20 this weekend -- and you're right in the middle of the action. It's a big lot. It's safe. And, it's easy to get in and out. The last thing you need to worry about this weekend is parking. -- D.O.

Hobo fries at Center Court -- Located across the street from the Bradley Center, Center Court offers a solid menu of sports bar staples. For $4.95, they'll give you a plate of fries covered in cheese and gravy. Inspired by a New Orleans restaurant, they're delicious and come with optional add-ons like turkey, bacon and shaved prime rib. -- D.O.

Gift shopping at Brew City in The Shops at Grand Avenue -- Looking for something that screams "Milwaukee?" You'll find it in this slightly out-of-the-way kiosk/store at the mall. Check out the wares at and wear your beer shirt or clever hoodie with pride. -- D.O.

Walking through campus -- March Madness should have you in the college mood. Think about it though, when was the last time you walked through a college campus? Milwaukee's blessed with the fifth highest density of colleges and universities in the country. From Marquette to Cardinal Stritch to Alverno to UW-Milwaukee and many in between -- there are campus destinations to be toured all around town. This weekend take time to walk through one of our institutions of higher learning. Stop in, too, and buy a T-shirt at the book store. --  J.S.

Miller Park -- Not too far from Downtown, you'll find Miller Park -- home of the Brewers (and, occasionally, the Cleveland Indians). The convertible-roof stadium turns 10 years old in 2010 and has drawn over six million fans since 2008. Drop on by for a stroll through the Brewers' Team Store -- where you can buy racing sausage gear, among other things -- or have a beer at Friday's overlooking the field. -- A.W.