By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 04, 2014 at 11:16 AM

A new year calls for a new set of recommendations from your friends at, including classic movies, slick style, books on the Beatles and some strange elixir called "drunk juice." 

Everlane reverse-denim weekender bag Lately, I’ve had an obsession about finding the perfect weekender bag. In my research, the Everlane reverse-denim weekender caught my eye, and the company loaned me one for a week to check it out.

For $95, it’s pretty stunning and very original. Basically, the material is inside-out denim, which gives it a totally unique soft gray finish. The inside lining is made of water-resistant khaki twill, and the straps and details are dark brown leather. I was able to stuff tons of clothes into the bag, although I didn’t find the thin straps particularly comfortable for lugging around.

Still, the bag doesn’t look like any other weekender I’ve seen, and even after returning my sample to Everlane, I plan on buying one for myself soon. Very, very cool. – Andy Tarnoff

"Drunk juice" – This might not be the "real" name of the drink, but my friend and colleague Elizabeth Kay from 99.1 WMYX says it is, and that's good enough for me. I love Guinness so Elizabeth told me to try someting a friend concocted for her by mixing the Irish stout with a shot or so of cake vodka and a little marachino cherry juice.

At first I wasn't sure what to think, but then I realized I liked all of those ingredients separately so I figured I would give it a whirl. As it turns out, it's reallllly good but only if you like drinks with a sweet kick. For me, it's a one-and-done drink because of the sweetness, but it's still a delicious way to start off the evening. Be careful, though. It's nicknamed "drunk juice" for a reason. – Molly Snyder

"Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years, Vol. 1" by Mark Lewisohn (Crown Archetype Books) – There is no one on Earth – save, maybe, for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr – that knows as much about the Beatles as Mark Lewisohn, whose "Recording Sessions" is a beloved tome among Fab Four fans.

His new, 900-page biography of the band runs through 1962 (no, that's not a typo). It's so in-depth that even die-hards might be tempted to skim some sections. But it's an engrossing and insanely well researched look at John, Paul, George and Ringo from birth (no, wait, it starts way before that) to the doorstep of success.

Perhaps amazingly, there is also an "author's cut" that is twice as long and costs a whole lot more. Not sure anyone needs THAT much Beatles, though. Carve a few months out of your schedule and get started. – Bobby Tanzilo

Eastern Collective Lightning Cable – I’ve gone through a lot of cell phone charging cables over the years. Most of them get lost, fall apart or stop working when the cable gets pinched or the tip breaks off. The Apple official Lightning cords are the reliable but expensive way to go, while the cheap knockoffs don’t last long, if at all.

Somewhere in the middle is the Eastern Collective Lightning Cable. With a thicker, climbing-inspired cable, this is the nicest, most rugged charging cable you’ll ever buy. However, it’s not an official Apple product, and iOS7 will tell you that every time you plug it in. While it works on my home charger, it doesn’t work in my car. A shame, because it’s a nice, colorful $24 upgrade from the existing boring cables on the market. – Andy Tarnoff 

"Bull Durham" – Let's be real: January is a miserable month for new movies. True, some late great movies and Oscar hopefuls (like "Her" and "August: Osage County" this year) sneak into the first month, and every now and then, you'll get lucky with something like "The Grey" getting dumped right in the beginning of the new year. Most of them, though, are utter dreck of the highest order. Just look at some of last year's January releases: "Texas Chainsaw 3D," "A Haunted House," "Movie 43" and "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters." Woof.

So what better time to catch up on some classics newly available on Netflix Instant? "Bull Durham," the best baseball movie of all time (and I will no other arguments), is now available to watch anywhere at any time on pretty much any device. But there are several legendary flicks – including "Raging Bull," "American Psycho," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Thelma & Louise," "Grapes of Wrath" and "West Side Story" – to catch up with if you've missed them over the years or revisit if it's been a while.

Give one of these classics a shot. I can almost promise that, no matter which one you choose, it'll be better than "I, Frankenstein."