By Press Release Submitted to Published Mar 01, 2019 at 5:26 PM Photography: Carolynn Buser

With this year’s unusually harsh winter weather conditions, many of our narrower residential streets continue to be impacted by snow and ice accumulations along the curb line. In an effort to ensure that our streets remain open and passable, the Commissioner of Public Works Jeff Polenske has
ordered the December 1 to March 1 parking regulation to be extended to March 15. This extension is for those streets that are posted with signs "No Parking Dec 1- Mar 1."

Winter weather conditions impact the ability of emergency vehicles, snow clearing vehicles and passenger vehicles to safely move through narrow residential streets. Therefore, certain residential streets are restricted to parking on a specific side of the street during the winter months. These streets are posted with signs reading "No Parking" on one side of the street, either for the entire December 1 to March 1 period, or with a monthly alternation of the prohibited side. For the monthly alternation areas, the side of the street where parking is prohibited December/February would be extended to include March 1-15.

This extension is to ensure safety on those narrow streets which allow two-sided parking during traditionally non-winter weather months.

Failure to comply with this parking regulation will result in a $35 citation. Vehicles may also be subject to towing. Remember: All vehicles need a valid parking permit to park during overnight hours on city streets.