By Lauren Keene, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Sep 24, 2017 at 11:01 AM

Even though an inevitable Milwaukee winter is slowly creeping around the corner, this fall has been abnormally, obscenely warm. But hey, we aren’t complaining.

Despite 80-degree weather, the leaves are still changing colors, and the evenings are at least a little cooler. There’s no better time of year to visit our city’s most beautiful parks and embrace the sublime of nature before the ground is covered in a thick layer of snow.

Some of Milwaukee County Parks’ greatest assets are the places to put your ass: park benches. We know benches are customary in most parks across the world, but Milwaukee park benches offer visitors better views than most. 

Whether you’re a lake lover or a skyline snob, there’s a park bench out there calling your butt’s name. You'd better be quick, though – those beloved benches get really cold, really fast. Here are our picks of Milwaukee's best places to take a seat and enjoy the view. 

Lake Park

A park called Lake Park is, naturally, going to be home to some gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. The benches on Wahl Avenue offer the best viewing area. Plus, now that "Pokemon Go" has officially been controversially banned, the park is restored to its formerly serene glory.

Reservoir Park  

Located in Riverwest, Reservoir Park boasts, in our humble opinion, the best view in all of Milwaukee. We know climbing up the stairs to the top of the hill is rough, but the payoff is well worth it. The two benches located on the southeast side of the hill offer a striking view of Milwaukee’s skyline and Lake Michigan. 

South Shore Park

The best bench in this sprawling Bay View park is located under a large, looming tree facing Lake Michigan. The bench overlooks the South Shore Yacht Club, giving this tiny sliver of the shoreline a very nautical vibe. Ahoy! 

Pere Marquette Park

This Downtown park is in nestled in the heart of Milwaukee’s hustle and bustle. There are a few benches in the park, but our favorite is overlooking the Milwaukee River. 

Mitchell Park Domes

If you’re craving Milwaukee’s signature summer weather, we recommend popping into the Domes, namely the Tropical Dome. The humidity permits the growth of countless exotic flowers, trees and other warm-weather plants. And yes, there are some prime photo-op benches inside each dome. Don't forget your camera! 

The Swing Park

The Swing Park has two benches worth mentioning. The first, glowing bench (rather, set of benches) can be used for sand drawings and watching the gleeful tire swingers. The second notable bench is overlooking the park on North Commerce Street. We especially love this view on nights when Milwaukee's sparkling skyline is all lit up. 

Red Arrow Park

Some folks prefer looking at buildings instead of nature. If you happen to be one of those people (we won't judge you), the bench at Red Arrow Park is calling your name. The park is surrounded by many historic Milwaukee buildings, making it the ideal spot for architecture nerds and/or budding historians.  

Atwater Park

For those of us who are California dreaming, Shorewood's Atwater Park serves as a beachside oasis. Atwater Beach is the undisputed best beach in Milwaukee, and the bench on Lake Drive offers an unbeatable view of Lake Michigan complete with sandy shores and lush greenery. This is hands-down one of our favorite spots in the city, and we know you'll love it, too. 

Jackson Park

In our humble opinion, Jackson Park is one of Milwaukee’s most underrated parks. Feed the huge duck population while sitting on the bench overlooking the park’s peaceful lagoon.