By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 12, 2021 at 6:01 PM

Sunday marks Pi Day, and while it may technically be a celebration of math's most uniquely compelling number, it's also a prime (math pun intended) opportunity to celebrate the world's best dessert. Or in Wisconsin's case, a savory dish, according to the results of a dubious new food map that may have gulped down too many apple pie shots. 

Google Trends, the search-tracking side of the tech behemoth, released a map of the country featuring the "most uniquely searched-for" pie for each state in the union. Unsurprisingly, classic favorites like apple pie and French silk pie make more than a few appearances on the list (though oddly Washington doesn't go for the former) while sweet potato pie rules much of the South. (Pecan pie: shockingly a no-show.) Key lime pie obviously wins the title of favorite in Florida, and while I don't know what crawfish or crab pies are, it makes sense they would win in Louisiana and Maryland, respectively. These all track.

And then, we come to Wisconsin and its winner: spaghetti pie.

Welp, this all sounds to me like a slice of that special pie from "The Help."

Now, don't get me wrong: I don't mean to degrade the spaghetti pie. It's pasta, and it's pie – what's not to like? And it is a fairly common Midwestern meal. But does Wisconsin really like spaghetti pie THAT much? And it does it like spaghetti pie more than the obvious winner: the apple pie in a bag from Elegant Farmer? 

It helps to consider that this map isn't pointing out each state's favorite pie; it's pointing out each state's "most uniquely searched" pie. Which means that Wisconsin is simply fascinated enough by it to search it (and it certainly qualifies as unique). But why is Wisconsin in particular so apparently intrigued by spaghetti pie? It's not like we're known for it or it's a signature dish.

Ironically, an actual quick Googling of "famous Wisconsin pie" comes up with far more obvious and accurate results. Food Network landed on the aforementioned apple pie in a bag, while The Daily Meal picked cranberry pie – which I've never heard of and am not even sure exists, but at least has some level of logic thanks to the state's booming bog business. Even Google Trends (circa 2019) disagrees, as back then, Wisconsin was a part of the French silk pie party – not a unique choice but at least one that makes more sense since it's dairy and, well, it's French silk pie and delicious. 

Maybe we've fallen in love with this glorified casserole over the past two years? As we know all too well, stranger things have happened in that time. Or maybe I'm overlooking  a Wisconsin silent majority that's secretly a spaghetti pie sect.

No matter the case, enjoy a pie – whether sweet or spaghetti – this Sunday for Pi Day, and enjoy knowing that the results of this map could've been far worse. Just ask Arkansas and its apparent choice: possum pie. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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