By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 28, 2018 at 5:56 PM

When the police are trending on social media, it typically means something unfortunate or tragic has happened. For the most part, over the past month on Facebook, however, that hasn't been the case as police departments across the country have been participating in the #LipSyncChallenge, a viral trend of officers lip-syncing to popular songs, showing the humanity behind the badge and collecting thousands upon thousands of video views in the process. 

Of course, the trend made it to Wisconsin, where several departments have pseudo-sung their favorite tunes in the name of sweet social media clicks. Which ones are great – and which ones just deserve a ticket for a noise violation? We've ranked them here. 

7. La Crosse County Sheriff's Department

For a video meant to show the fun, friendly and human side of the police department, the La Cross County Sheriff's Department's contribution to the #LipSyncChallenge sure spends a lot of time arresting folks, wandering around prison and focusing on how sad they've made people. And apparently, in retrospect, the department must've agreed, because the video's disappeared off its YouTube account. The lead photo of this article, however, nicely encapsulates why it's now gone.

6. Oshkosh Police Department

The Oshkosh Police Department's video has everything: cheeseheads, happy dancing children, AN INTRODUCTION FROM FORMER PACKERS GREAT(ish) JARED ABBREDERIS. I feel like I'm being pandered to – but thankfully, it turns out that I'm very pander-able!

The one thing the clip kind of lacks? Lip syncing. That tends to be the problem with the videos with bigger production value: putting shtick and scripted fun ahead of lip-syncing and natural fun. I like the videos where it feels like everyone just picked up a camera and decided to fake-belt out their favorite song, not Corporate Mandated Good Times.

That being said, there's a lot of Packers stuff, so 5 out of 5 would watch again.

5. New Holstein Police Department

Who can say no to Blue Suede's "Hooked on a Feeling"? Monsters, that's who. Song choice is a big part of a #LipSyncChallenge video's success – and this is a great pick. Plus, the starring officer is really into the song (and actually knows the lyrics pretty well) and the bouncy background singer is a fun, goofy touch without being tone-deaf. Only problem: What's up with Officer Buzzkill holding the camera, shaking his head disapprovingly at our lead singer as if he doesn't want to bust into the chorus too. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA JUMP IN THERE! 

4. Wausau Police Department

What this video lacks in production value, camerawork, decent seat-dancing choreography, knowledge of the lyrics and ... well, just about everything, it makes up for in sheer goofy enthusiasm. (Plus, it clocks in at barely over a minute, so it smartly doesn't overstay its welcome AND it doesn't force me to listen to Katy Perry's "Firework" in its entirety.) This video's not the best of the bunch, but it's the epitome of why this #LipSyncChallenge exists, showing the humans behind a difficult, divisive and dangerous job. 

3. Winnebago Police Department

The Winnebago Police Department pulls off a lot with a little. With just one shot pointed at the driver's seat and the window, the clip showcases not only our star officer's dorkily endearing dance moves – A-grade steering wheel drumming – but also some bonus background entertainment with some backup dancers busting in and eventually the boss getting in on the beat. Did these guys get Roger Deakins to plan out that cinematography!?

Anyways, it's all the low-key charms of a lo-fi #LipSyncChallenge video with the thoughtful clever concept of a high-quality one. 

2. Marshfield Police Department

Marshfield came in late to the #LipSyncChallenge video trend, just posting theirs Friday. Thankfully, it was worth it.

Yes, it's a big production value video (one kind of has to at this point in the craze), but it's got a pretty clever concept: Marshfield went META! It's lip sync videos INSIDE a lip sync video. (Cue "Inception" BWAAMM sound effect.) Plus, you're getting your money's worth on this video since it's actually THREE lip syncs for the price of one – all unique selections, all solidly fake-sung and a finale featuring handsome muscular dudes literally falling from the sky. 

Add in a fun self-depreciating performance from the main officer (I mean, you can feel the PASSION in the line, "And you said some things about our donuts!") and the guy eating Funyuns, and you've got a video that's worth the obvious effort that went into it. 

1. Fond du Lac Police Department

Let's track my thought process on this clip:

0:01 – Wow, this guy really knows the lyrics to this song. You can barely notice it's a recording. How many times did he see "The Greatest Showman"?

0:20 – Hold on a second, this doesn't sound like Zac Efron. 

0:33 – Wait ... is he actually ... SINGING!? And ... good?

0:47 – Like really good! Join in, other officer! Don't fight the feeling! 

1:13 – HE JOINED IN!! (*shoots off confetti cannon*)

The video clip ends with a "to be continued," and I'm not even mad at it. I want a sequel to this delightful video immediately. DO "NEVER ENOUGH" NEXT!

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