By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 08, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Maternity must-haves, the perfect Father's Day gift, audio nirvana and more in this week's edition of Recommends.

CafePress onesies and maternity shirts – My sister is ready to pop, pregnant with her first baby boy next month. For her shower last weekend, I bought some onesies, maternity shirts and baby bibs on CafePress, customized with a family name. They made for adorable props in her maternity shoot and I’m really excited to dress my nephew in these. Got to instill that family pride early on! And my sister actually said that the shirt was so comfortable she’s going to wear it after the baby’s born, before the weight comes off (she’s really going to hate that I’m writing about her girth). – Colleen Jurkiewicz

Harry & David Father's Day Gift Tower – Used to be I only suspected what dads want for father's day. Now I can speak for the group when I say we want hugs. Lots of hugs. And then we want a Harry & David Father's Day Gift Tower, because we love peanut butter filled pretzels, caramel Moose Munch popcorn, chocolate chunk cookies, snickerdoodle cookies and mixed nuts. Oh and yes those amazing Royal Riviera pears that are unlike anything we can get in the grocery store. Plus, the four stacked boxes wrapped in twine make a really stellar-looking gift. It's $49.95 at but we're worth it, right? Right?! – Bobby Tanzilo

Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox – I love reviewing Bluetooth speakers, because with each passing year, they get better and better. Lately, I’ve been adding AirPlay speakers to my home audio set-up, but Bluetooth is nice because it’s not OS specific, and some of the speakers double as speakerphones, too. The Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox is a fun one, because it’s small and rugged, but it also sounds really good. While it gets loud and stays clear at all volumes, I wouldn’t call it a boom box, per say, but the Turtle Shell has impressive enough bass to rumble your bones if you set it on the deck outside. I noticed it even scooting to the beat across smooth surface. This clamshell (or turtle shell) shaped speaker is also shock proof and water resistant – it will withstand any amount of water short of submersion – and a single USB charge offers nine hours of continuous playtime. Better yet, the speaker has standard camera threading, which means you can mount the speaker on a tripod, too. Take it to the beach, clip it on your bike, or set it on the coffee table; set up is insanely easy. This is a great, all-purpose wireless speaker for $150. –Andy Tarnoff

Poco Dolce chocolates – The other day, my kids were talking about picking out chocolate for me. They were both proud they knew my tastes and that they made a point to seek out my preferred dark chocolate over the more readily available milk chocolate. I think San Fran's Poco Dolce – an Italian phrase for "not too sweet" – knows my chocolate yens, too. Poco has a variety of chocolates available – in handsome gift boxes for Father's Day and other holidays – but my favorites are the whiskey-laced bon bons that come nine to a box. (Please, please, please dish these up one at a time or you'll down the box like a row of shots.) Not far behind is Poco Dolce's signature box of mixed "tiles," or flat, square chocolates paired with a variety of ingredients. In the box are burnt caramel, almond, ginger and aztec chile. P.D. also makes chocolate tiles with sea salt that are out of this world! – Bobby Tanzilo

The Drink Is A Lie – I cannot tell you why exactly The Drink Is A Lie (because that's no fun), but it's on the menu at the new gamer bar, Lounge 42. Bring a friend, preferably one you don't like very much, and buy them this martini. It's not that it tastes bad, it's just kind of a mind freak. Don't overthink the $2 price, compared to the rest of the cocktails that cost $8. And then, finish up your drink, maybe order another, and completely geek out. – Molly Snyder