By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 03, 2013 at 11:01 AM

From your morning coffee to your ever-growing Vine addiction (we're not judging), we've got the products, apps and events you need to hear about in this week's edition of Recommends.

McDonald’s coffee cup – There are small things in this world that ought to qualify as a mini-miracle, and I've found another one. If you order a coffee at McDonald's take a minute or two and look at, feel and taste the cup. I'm not talking about the coffee. But the actual cup is about the most amazing cup I've ever seen. It's firm. It keeps your coffee warm for a long time. It is about as close to perfect as you can get. Other cups in Milwaukee allow enough heat through that it can make it difficult to hold onto unless you have asbestos gloves on. Not this one. It's probably terrible for the environment and will contribute to global warming or something. But as coffee cups go, it's at the absolute top of the list. Nothing else comes even close. – Dave Begel

Usinger's brats at State Fair – The Wisconsin Products Pavilion is, in my humble opinion, by far the tastiest and cheapest place to eat at State Fair (which runs through Aug. 11). Stop by the Usinger's stand for a hearty brat for just $3. You probably won’t find a deal like this anywhere else on the grounds. – Colleen Jurkiewcz

Nadine Shah: "Love Your Dum and Mad" (Apollo Records) – I love a record that I find challenging to describe. Britain's Shah has unleashed an 11-song debut that channels Marianne Faithfull, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey. The record is dark and at times atmospheric (perhaps because it's produced by Ben Hillier, who has worked with Elbow and Doves), and doesn't really sound like any of the names mentioned above. It's more acoustic than Harvey, darker than Faithfull, breathier than Cave. "Love Your Dum and Mad" is intense in a way few records are these days. – Bobby Tanzilo

Brewers games and State Fair – If it seems like you haven't been to Miller Park in awhile, it's because you haven't - Friday night's game against Washington was the Brewers' first at home since July 25. But, the Crew continue to struggle – so if you're not in the mood for baseball you've got to State Fair. I mean – why not? Foods on sticks!! – Jim Owczarski

Lobster hush puppies from INdustri I can finally cross INdustri Cafe, 524 S. 2nd St., off my "must try" list of local restaurants. We spontaneously wandered in last night and were pleased with our selection of tapas in general, but the lobster hush puppies ($11) really stood out. The puppies are a delicious deep fried mix of lobster, fire roasted corn and onions with multiple dips and drizzles. The only problem with this small plate is that I really didn't want to share it with my dinner date. Nom. – Molly Snyder

Snapverse – This is an app with potential. In a nutshell, it’s an easy tool for adding music and sound effects to the 20-second videos you send by email or post via Twitter and Facebook. I like it because it’s easy to use with streamlined usability, and it comes with quite a few preselected artists and tracks to choose from. You can mix the volume between the video and music, and the app is free. I’m surprised that Vine and Instagram don’t offer this functionality, but until they do, Snapverse is a great, fun option for spicing up the videos you record and share. – Andy Tarnoff