By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 16, 2021 at 7:31 PM

’Tis Dining Month, the tastiest time of year! This means we’re dishing up fun and fascinating food content throughout October. Dig in, Milwaukee!

With fall in full effect and temperatures dropping, it's time for the world's best food: soup. So every Saturday, broth buff Matt Mueller will showcase a different slurp-worthy spoonful around Brew City. Cheers!

Found at 901 S. 10th St., Guadalajara will wonderfully warm you up well before you dip in for your first spoonful of soup. 

Seemingly unassuming from the outside, the beloved Mexican restaurant is bursting with life inside – filled with families, neighborhood regulars, construction workers on break, businessmen hashing out deals and even the occasional musician playing guitar off to the side, providing live atmosphere for everyone's lunch or dinner. It feels less like a restaurant and more like a family's bustling but homey kitchen – except the family happens to be apparently the entire city. 

Just like the restaurant itself, the menu explodes with an almost equal amount of life, flavor and warmth – especially when it comes to Guadalajara's soups. 

The restaurant features several slurp-worthy classic soup options on the menu, including caldo de res (a beef soup), caldo de pollo (a chicken soup) and menudo, a traditional Mexican soup served here in a rich, red, peppery broth with large honeycomb-looking slices of spoon-tender beef tripe plus some onion, cilantro and hot soft tortillas on the side. All are tremendous options and all are found under the appetizers and soups page of the menu although a bowl easily eats like a hefty meal, not a mere starter. 

My favorite of Guadalajara's flavorful foursome, however, is the pozole, which comes in both red and green varieties.

Guadalajara's pozoleX

I ordered the latter version of the pork stew on my most recent visit, arriving in a beautifully beaming green shade that tasted as good and welcoming as it looked. The steaming broth was sumptuous, densely flavorful and filling while also freshly bright, peppery and even a little tartly hot, while the little hominy kernels bobbing around in the bowl serve as the brew's ideal companions, playing somewhat like dumplings in the comfort soup albeit with a uniquely puffy bite, soft but with an addictive outside snap.

Then there's the pork – which Guadalajara does not cheat you on. The substantial chunks hide under the broth like deliciously deceptive icebergs, nooks and crannies peeking above the surface only to eventually reveal themselves as gargantuan chunks underneath. They'd be intimidating and cumbersome to eat in a soup if the pork pieces weren't so remarkably soft and tender, easily falling apart with the nudge of a spoon while still chewy, fatty and meatily satisfying. Toss in some of the thinly sliced radishes and cabbage served as garnish on the side (along with diced onion, lime slices and a crispy tostada) for some bonus pops of crunch and flavor, and you have a one heck of a way to warm up. Though, if you're eating at Guadalajara, you'll probably feel warm and soothingly cozy well before your bowl arrives to the table.

Anyways, when the northern winter chill strikes, don't forget this south of the border specialty. 

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